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Netronix E Ink Display Sports Wacom Digital Pen Support
The folks over at Netronix are currently showcasing a slew of new designs when it comes to eReaders which will also include an interesting prototype. This particular prototype will sport a 6.8” E Ink display, where it runs on Android-based software while boasting support for a Wacom digital pen to work alongside it. Just in case you were wondering why does the name Wacom sound so familiar, that is because […]

Credit card gets E Ink display for safer online shopping experience
E Ink displays aren’t just for e-book readers, as they have now been put to good use on, of all places, credit cards. Yes, those pieces of plastic which tend to have you pay much more than you actually can afford because you lack the financial nous and discipline. When placed in a credit card, it will help in security issues whenever you make online purchases, as each time you […]

E Ink has superior next generation display in the pipeline
It is natural for a company to want to veer forward in terms of technology, and E Ink subscribes to the idea as well as they are more than willing not to rest on their laurels. Word has it that E Ink’s future is a bright one according to what has been demonstrated in private – bear in mind that the prototypes produced by E Ink are ready to be […]

Bookeen delivers video playback on E Ink Pearl display
Bookeen’s R&D team has come up with what many has deemed to be impossible – that is, achieving video playback on an E Ink Pearl display. Normally, E Ink displays cater for e-book readers and the ilk, working great under direct sunlight but having relatively poor refresh rates compared to other display technologies like LED and LCD, which is why it does not support video playback on the safe side. […]


NoteSlate $99 touchscreen tablet with two-color display
Not all eBook readers are blessed with color and those that are normally cost a little more. What if you could get a color eBook reader for just $99? We’re talking about the NoteSlate, a touchscreen tablet that features a 13-inch 750 x 1080 pixel display, touted to be “eInk”, though there isn’t any confirmation if it’s the same E-Ink displays used on eBook readers such as the Amazon Kindle.

BAE Systems want to disguise tanks with E Ink
Just when you thought that E Ink technology was there for e-book readers, BAE Systems, a British defense firm, has decided to use it instead to disguise their range of vehicles of war. Apparently, a set of sensors that are connected to the tank’s exterior will take in the surrounding environment, analyzing the terrain carefully to take note of important information such as colors, shapes and lines, where they will […]

PocketBook Accidentally Confirms That It Will Use A Mirasol Display
Seems that someone jumped the gun with the press release as PocketBook USA just confirmed that it will be offering the first Mirasol e-reader at CES 2011. Details are scarce at the moment but apparently the prototype is capable of handling 12 frames per second (FPS), so that probably rules out video (which normally runs at 30FPS). The Mirasol display used is estimated to cost about one and a half […]

Color E-Ink Tablet Shown Off at Berlin Exhibition
It looks like a color e-ink tablet was recently shown off at an exhibition in Germany that is about the size of an A4-sized paper. It’s unclear whether color e-ink will make it to a commercial drawing tablet in the future as the exhibition shows “the idea of a promising future of electronic ink for art, enabling us to meet a curious audience, ambitious artists and dynamic professionals,” according to […]

PocketBook IQ and 602 Android-Powered Low Cost Tablets Now Shipping for U.S.
It looks like the PocketBook IQ and the 602 e-readers, both powered by Google’s Android operating system, will be hitting the U.S. market. The IQ sports a 7-inch LCD screen and will be priced at $150 while the 602 features an E Ink display for $170. The PocketBook IQ will essentially be in the same market–featuring an LCD color touchscreen and Android–as the nook color from Barnes & Noble. The […]

E Ink Debuts Its Color Triton Displays
E Ink displays are really great for eBook readers and moving forward we’re happy to hear that E Ink Holdings has introduced its Triton displays, the company’s color electronic paper display. If you remember the color eBook reader by Hanvon that we brought to your attention, that was the first eBook to use the E Ink Triton Imaging Film, offering up to 16 levels of grayscale and thousands of colors. […]

New Display Technology To Compete With E-Ink?
E-Ink displays might be the popular technology for eBook readers at the moment, but a new type of display demonstrated at the University of Cincinnati might be able to challenge it, as it uses a different substrate for the pigment used to create black areas on the display – oil. This apparently results in less resistance for the pigment and a faster refresh rate of 20ms, allowing for the possibility […]

E Ink to expand electrophoretic display adoption in other devices
E Ink of Taiwan has announced that its EPD (electrophoretic display) will not only see action in devices such as ebook readers, but will also make an appearance across a variety of other consumer electronics such as keyboards, tags, watches, and advertising displays among others. Scott Liu, chairman of E Ink Holdings, did note that EPD can be adopted for handset keypads as well as notebook keyboards – now that’s […]

Concept: E-ink Ruler Is A Flexible Measuring Tape
Your measuring tape at home might not provide the correct measuring system (metric or imperial) that you want at the moment, but imagine if it used the popular E-ink displays. This concept measuring tape, the E-Ink Ruler, might be able to solve your problem, as it uses E-ink in order to display the measurements on the tape, and is flexible enough to even help you display the distance in increments […]

Nemoptic's Active Matrix Binem Display
The folks over at Nemoptic have come up with a rather interesting tiny display dubbed the Binem Active Matrix E-paper display. This two-inch 170dpi display sports a 30ms refresh rate, fast enough for the display to handle video, and it’s also capable of handling partial refreshing, which only changes portions of the display. Another interesting feature is that it can also be backlit, which helps to set it apart from […]