It is natural for a company to want to veer forward in terms of technology, and E Ink subscribes to the idea as well as they are more than willing not to rest on their laurels. Word has it that E Ink’s future is a bright one according to what has been demonstrated in private – bear in mind that the prototypes produced by E Ink are ready to be rolled off the production line even at this moment, but there is the rather humongous issue of making sure there is a white knight around who is more than willing to fork out production costs for those prototypes.

First off, there is a SIRF display that is printed on cloth – a living billboard, anyone? This SIRF display cannot function as an e-reader display due to an extremely limited number of segments, but it can function as a sign that flashes on and off, making it more of a neon sign than anything else.

Apart from that, there is also an E Ink display on Tyvex cloth – this cloth is notorious for its difficulty in cutting or tearing, and more often than not is used as a form of insulation on houses and for shipping envelopes. Seems that a display like this would make for a great advertising outlet, don’t you think so?

The future does seem to bode well for E Ink with such innovative ideas, now if only someone was willing to take up the mantle and produce them.

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