Viewsonic VE620 And VE625 eBook Readers

With the launch of Apple’s iPad and the dominance of Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader, you can be sure that any manufacturer aiming to break into the eBook reader market will be given a hard time. But despite the odds, Viewsonic doesn’t seem to have made too much effort to differentiate itself from the pack with its VEB620 and VEB625 eBook readers. Both E-ink readers are able to handle ePub, RTF and plain text files, as well as PDF and HTML files. You could boast that it can playback MP3 files, but which device doesn’t do that nowadays? Both devices differ in the fact that the VEB625 offers Wi-Fi. The VE620 and VE625 are priced at £205 ($315) and £175 ($269) respectively. Can you think of any reason why you’d pick this over a Kindle?

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