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Elgato Unveils Eve Room, Eve Button HomeKit Compatible Devices
[CES 2018] If you’re looking for a way to make your home smarter and more informative without it looking too obvious, Elgato might have the solution for you in the form of two newly-announced devices: the Eve Room and the Eve Button, both of which have been designed to be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Elgato Launches HomeKit-Enabled ‘Eve Motion’ Motion Sensor
These days it is becoming more common for people to start outfitting their homes with smarter appliances. Apple has tried to capitalize on this by launching HomeKit, and with iOS 10 they have made it even easier for users to control HomeKit-enabled devices from their smartphones and tablets. If you are looking to expand your HomeKit-enabled collection, Elgato’s Eve Motion might be of interest to you.

Elgato Issues Recall For Smart Power 6,000mAh Battery Packs
We’ve all heard the stories of batteries exploding and setting fire to things around them, so it is safe to say that the companies who manufacture battery packs are pretty wary and are usually on the lookout for incidents that could put them in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Now if you have purchased Elgato’s Smart Power battery pack, it seems that the company is looking to recall them.The […]

Elgato Smart Power Is A Smart External Battery Pack For Mobile Devices
There are many external battery packs available for smartphones and tablets at the moment. For the most part they are pretty “dumb” in the sense that you just plug them in and it starts charging, nothing more, nothing less. Then again there’s nothing wrong with that setup since it is just a battery after all.Well if you were hoping for something a little more intuitive, Elgato has recently unveiled the […]


Game Capture HD lets you record videos from the Xbox 360 and PS3 onto a PC or Mac
If you fancy yourself a professional computer game player, or if one of your friends is a professional and you’d like to know how he got so good at games, Elgato has announced the Game Capture HD, a small device about the size of a deck of cards that has the ability to capture video from game consoles while recording it onto a computer. This can be used to review […]

Elgato HDHomeRun turns every computer in your house into a TV
Elgato has just released a dual network tuner that allows users to watch HDTV wirelessly on a Mac or a PC. Called the HDHomeRun, all users have to do is attach the device to a TV antenna or digital cable and it’s ready to wirelessly stream content to any computer on the WiFi network.If you’ve only got one TV in the house and you’re tired of fighting for the remote […]

OWC uses Elgato's EyeTV solutions for its latest media center setup
If you can’t be bothered to manually turn your Mac into a home theater system, Elgato has announced that Other World Computing (OWC) has integrated the EyeTV software and Elgato TV devices into its new plug and play Home Theater Media Center Solution. The Media Center Solution includes the installation of the Plex digital media management platform onto a customer’s 2010 Mac mini, upgrading it with an EyeTV Hybrid tuner […]

Elgato Video Capture For Macs
Elgato has rolled out its latest Mac-centric peripheral, the Video Capture which makes allowance for analog video recording from VCRs as well as sources to a digital format. This USB stick will be able to handle RCA, S-video and SCART footage, although the latter will require an adapter. Using Elgato’s proprietary software, you can then convert the recorded footage to either H.264 or MPEG-4 formats, making an allowance to export […]