iPhone 911If you have a problem with your iPhone, there are plenty of outlets for you to find out what’s wrong. You can look it up on the internet, you can ask a friend; you can even take it to the Apple Store and ask one of the people working at the Genius Bar for help, but whatever you do, don’t call 911 – unless you want to get arrested like Michael Alan Skopec, who unfortunately had to find out the hard way.

The man dialed the emergency hotline about five times to complain to them about his malfunctioning iPhone. The authorities finally got fed up with his calls and traced them back to his house, where they paid him a visit. When Skopec “refused to comply with orders from deputies”, he was arrested and charged with obstructing or resisting a peace officer (according to reports, the man was intoxicated when they arrived).

Skopec has been released from jail, but he’s due in court on November 18th. No word on whether his iPhone has been fixed since then, but I guess he’s learnt a valuable lesson from the whole experience.

[Police Report (JPG)]

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