Wellcore Stylish Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

[CES 2010] Wellcore, a Silicon Valley-based startup, launched its new Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (M-PERS) with motion detection and advanced pattern recognition, the company claims that its patent-pending technology can distinguish falls from other type of motion with unprecedented accuracy. The elderly are often left out of the new emerging technologies because they are not seen as cool as the youngsters and supposedly “early adopters”. I am happy to know that finally, a company made an effort to appoint a famous designer, Dr. Hartmut Esslinger, founder of frog design, to develop a stylish innovative device that will help the older generation live a longer independent life at home. Features include automatic fall detection, online monitoring, and text-to-speech messaging, complete features list after the jump. The device will be available for pre-orders on February 18, 2010 from www.wellcore.com for $199 (one base station, one device and online activity monitoring site) with a monthly recurring monitoring fee of $49.99.

Wellcore Stylish Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

There are a bunch of competitive devices including MyHalo, iLife, Visonic, SOSSignal, Tunstall, Homealone , but they all have an ugly design and, according to Wellcore, the competitors’ fall detection technology is less advanced and not that accurate. The device is equipped with a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer that detects motion and spatial orientation with great accuracy, the Wellcore proprietary software then processes the data coming from the sensor using statistical pattern recognition, allowing the system to recognize falls and other daily activity, and distinguish human falls from other type of impacts. This has not been possible with first generation existing M-PERS solutions. Additionally, motion detection allows the Wellcore system to know if it is worn unlike most competitive devices.

Features (from the press release)

Detects falls automatically and sends help in an emergency. the system distinguishes falls from other types of motion – all without having to press a button. When a fall is automatically detected, a Wellcore specialist contacts the wearer to assess the level of urgency. If an emergency is determined or there is no response, Wellcore sends emergency services and alerts designated caregivers and family. The button can also be pressed at any time to initiate the same immediate response.

Asks to be worn when forgotten. When forgotten, Wellcore sends reminders through the base unit, asking to be worn, and a notification is displayed on the online dashboard. In case the device is left unworn for an extended period of time, an email message is sent to a designated caregiver or family member. Monitors activity and provides an online dashboard Accessible 24/7, a password-protected dashboard tracks motion and learns daily patterns over time, detecting significant changes when they occur. The dashboard also displays notifications and alerts concerning everyday activity and safety.

Delivers messages to stay connected. Text messages created from the online dashboard are converted to voice and played on the base unit, similar to voice messages on an answering machine. Protects on the go-not just at home for a safe, active lifestyle. When paired with a Wellcore-compatible mobile phone, Wellcore offers 24/7 protection anywhere within the cell phone’s coverage range. When a fall is detected, the phone summons emergency responders to the exact location of the fall using the cell phone’s GPS, and caregivers are alerted.

Innovative design. Made of brushed aluminum and waterproof, the Wellcore device and base unit are designed by one of the world’s most renowned industrial designers, Dr. Hartmut Esslinger, founder of frog design. If you are interested in wellness and medical gadgets check out our related articles:

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