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WWF Wants You To Tweet Emoji To Help Save Endangered Animals
Emojis are cute and fun ways of communicating with your friends. After all a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Taking advantage in the rise in use of emojis, the World Wide Fund for Nature has asked users to start tweeting emojis based on the animal emojis which you can see in the picture above.The idea here is to help raise awareness about endangered animals, while at the same […]

Finland Found To Use The Most Emojis In Their Messages
Last week Instagram released an update in which users could search for hashtags with emojis in them. After all there is the say that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Now there must have been a demand for emojis which is why Instagram released such a feature, and the company recently took a deeper look at the rising trend that is the emoji.Basically they found that over the […]

Twitter Brings Star Wars Emoji
Star Wars fans who use Twitter have something amazing to look forward to today. The microblogging network just announced that it’s bringing Star Wars emoji to the service. It has taken this step in anticipation of the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and for this purpose Twitter partnered with Disney and Lucasfilm to create custom Star Wars emoji for Twitter.

Vulcan Salute Emoji Found In iOS 8.3 And OS X 10.10.3
Less than a week ago, we did bring you word that iOS 8.3 is all set to arrive with brand new emoji as well as other features. The thing is, are there special emoji that not too many people are aware of? Just in case you yourself are in the dark, here we are with word on how one can access the Vulcan salute emoji in iOS 8.3 as well […]


Apple Could Be Working On Bringing Spock-Inspired Emoji To Devices
Emojis are fun and a great way to express ourselves in ways words can’t. After all they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Now the good news for Star Trek fans, especially those who are fans of Spock, is that the folks over at Quartz have discovered a Spock-inspired emoji in test versions of iOS and OS X.The emoji in question is the hand sign that […]

New & Diverse Emojis Spotted In Latest OS X Beta
If you’ve always felt that emojis were a little limited when it came to racial and sexual diversity, we suppose we understand, but thankfully that is something that Apple is looking to change. The company had promised last year that more diverse emojis were set to arrive and it looks like in the latest OS X beta that was seeded to developers, Apple made good on their promise.

IKEA Emoticons Keyboard Revealed
IKEA has certainly captured plenty of attention last year with their BookBook advertisement, and this time around, it is no advertisement that we are looking at or talking about, but rather, it would be a keyboard app which would let you throw in IKEA-centric emojis, now how about that? The Ikea Emoticons keyboard is not surprisingly, available for both Android and iOS devices as at press time.

Chrome For OS X Emoji Support Arrives
 There’s great news today for people who were always irked by the inability of Chrome for OS X to display emojis. For a few years there has been a bug in this web browser which has prevented Apple’s emoji’s from properly being displayed. The company has finally taken note as the bug has been squashed, and this means that support for Apple’s emoji is coming very soon to Chrome for […]

Bing Allows For Search With Emojis
Emojis are an extremely cute method of actually communicating with one another – after all, it does make perfect sense when one takes into consideration how a picture speaks a thousand words. Having said that, the entire team involved with Bing recently announced that one is able to perform a search using emojis, now how about that for expanding their service to be a whole lot more inclusive? This particular […]

Imoji For iPhone Turns Images Into Custom Emojis
The meteoric rise of messaging applications have made emojis and stickers very popular. Some people would now find it hard to have a conversation through a messaging app without having emojis to rely upon, they have become such an integral part of conversations now. If you find that the standard set of emojis that come preinstalled on an iPhone aren’t enough for you then you should take a look at the […]

Unicode Consortium Announces 250 New Emojis
Emojis, much like emoticons, are a fun way to help spice up a conversation and add some color to it. They can also make for some pretty funny text messages at times. That being said, if you thought the current list of emojis was pretty limited, you might be pleased to learn that the Unicode Consortium has recently announced version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard.What this means is that there […]

Twitter Adds Emoji Support On The Web
Like it or not, emojis are very popular. These ubiquitous characters are commonly used in chats, good for people who don’t like expressing themselves with words, but now they have an alternative. Given their popularity, most major chat apps now support them. They’ve also been steadily making their way on websites. Twitter has now added support for these picture characters on its website, tweets viewed through the microblogging service’s website […]

Oju Africa Releases "Afro" Emoticons To Promote Diversity
A few days ago, we reported on how Apple had recently come under the microscope for its set of Emojis which lacked cultural diversity. It had been noted that out of all the Emojis, only two appeared to be of the non-caucasian variety, leading some to criticize Apple for it.Apple has since promised to look into the issue but in the meantime and perhaps not wanting to wait around for […]

Apple Promises More Diverse Emojis To Come
When it comes to emoticons, we don’t really give it much thought. After all they’re just meant to be cute representations of emotions and sometimes they’re just there to add a little bit of flavor when texting someone. However it seems that recently Apple has been facing pressure to add cultural diversity in its Emoji.Back in 2012, Apple updated Emoji to add same-sex couples which basically shows where the Cupertino […]