bing-emojiEmojis are an extremely cute method of actually communicating with one another – after all, it does make perfect sense when one takes into consideration how a picture speaks a thousand words. Having said that, the entire team involved with Bing recently announced that one is able to perform a search using emojis, now how about that for expanding their service to be a whole lot more inclusive? This particular update will target English markets at the moment, where one is able to perform such a search using an alternative input method.

The younger folks will definitely be able to resonate with the fact that using emojis while communicating is an extremely effective tool, and with the unprecedented explosion of mobile devices as well as the ubiquity of texting, emojis have more or less made the transition to be a shorthand language that is used by billions of people worldwide. Bing intends to let users perform a search in the same manner that one communicates each day, and the search algorithm will convert an image into its textual base in order to perform a query. Search results will appear without skipping over posts that contain a particular emoji.

It might seem more like a novelty than anything else at this point in time, but at least it shows how Bing is able to make the move to go beyond that of traditional input methods where search is concerned. [Press Release]

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