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The 18,000mAh Energizer Smartphone Is A Crowdfunding Flop
Some of you might remember that earlier this year, an Energizer-branded smartphone, known as the Energizer Power Max P18K, was unveiled at MWC 2019 where it came with a massive 18,000mAh battery. It generated a ton of interest, for sure, and the company behind it, Avenir Telecom who licensed the Energizer brand, decided to launch it on Indiegogo.

Ubergizmo’s Best of MWC 2019Editor's Pick
With 5G and foldable phones entering the market in 2019, this year’s Mobile World Congress was full of excitement, but not all products are created equal, and some are more eye-catchy than others. Here’s what we think is worthy of your attention, in no particular order.

Energizer’s Smartphone With An 18,000mAh Battery Is Ridiculous
We’ve long complained about the mostly dismal life of our smartphone batteries, but it seems that Energizer has a smartphone with a battery that could potentially last you days on end. The only catch is that you will need to withstand stares and possible laughter because as you can see, this phone is thick.

Energizer To Unveil 26 New Phone Models At MWC 2019
Energizer, the company that’s best known for batteries of all kinds, makes smartphones as well. The company will be out in full force at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona later this month. It has confirmed that 26 new phone models will be unveiled at the upcoming trade show. Some will even have flagship features like pop-up cameras and a whopping 18,000mAh battery. That’s more capacity than some power […]


Energizer Power Max P600S Smartphone Launched
When you think of the brand Energizer, chances are you are thinking about batteries, but in the past few years we’ve seen the company start to branch out towards smartphones. In fact the company has recently taken the wraps off its latest smartphone in the form of the Energizer Power Max P600S.

Energizer Xbox Controller Chargers Recalled Over Burn Hazard
The great thing about owning wireless chargers is that you don’t need any wires, meaning that no more tripping over them, no more accidental disconnections, and best of all, freedom to play in any position you want. However the downside is battery life which means that you’ll have to constantly make sure that they are charged.

Energizer Launches Rechargeable Batteries Made From Recycled Cells
Looking to do your part for the environment? If you hate the idea of your old and dead batteries being stuck in some landfill somewhere, then going rechargeable is a good way to go about it. However even then, rechargeable batteries aren’t exactly green, at least until now where Energizer has announced new rechargeable batteries made from recycled cells.

Energizer Recreates London’s Tower Bridge With Batteries
Energizer has come up with something that is certainly a sight to behold – that is, a 2-tonne replica of the world famous Tower Bridge over in London. Of course, the folks over at Energizer have eschewed the “traditional” method of doing things, and that would mean ditching brick and mortar, but rather, they have made use of 83,000 batteries. These are not new batteries, of course, but rather, used […]

Energizer EcoAdvanced Batteries Will Feature Recycled Components
You know those AA/AAA alkaline batteries that you use in your remote control, clocks, home appliances, and etc.? Wouldn’t it be better if you could just recycle them instead of just throwing them away? You might answer in the affirmative although the reality is that recycling these batteries are just too costly for companies to bother with.However Energizer is hoping to change that perception as the company has recently announced […]

Energizer Branded Smartphones To Debut At CES 2015
When it comes to smartphones, there are several big name brands out there that many associate with smartphones, such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, and so on. Then there also other brands which some might not necessarily associate with smartphones, such as Casio and CAT, and if you’re looking to add another brand to that list, how about Energizer?Yup, the same company responsible for making batteries is not […]

Energizer iSurge Travel Charging Station
Looking for a surge protector for your devices that will also allow you to charge your iPhone or other USB chargeable devices at the same time? Look no further as Energizer has unveiled their new iSurge Travel Charging Station for the iPod, iPad, iPhone among other devices.

Energizer AP1201 iPhone 4 External Battery Case Begins To Ship
Despite the iPhone 4’s increased battery life, if you need more juice, Energizer has just begun shipping its AP1201 case for the iPhone 4 that offers a built-in li-ion battery pack that promises to nearly double the battery life of the device. LED lights on the back of the case are capable of indicating the battery life of the case and it can be recharged 500 times thanks to its […]

Energizer Intelligent Charger puts you in the driver's seat for control
The Energizer Intelligent Charger is Energy Star certified, where it will be part of a new generation of NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) battery chargers that relies on smart technology to help you achieve more at work, play and in life. It will come with an easy-to-read Digital Countdown Clock which will let you know to the minute how long more will it be before your batteries are fully juiced and good […]

Energizer Introduces Its New Inductive Charger With Qi Technology
Inductive charging is one of the more useful technologies around as it allows us to charge our gadgets without having to physically plug them into a charger. The Energizer Inductive Charger is the company’s first to utilize Qi technology, the new universal charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Energizer is also launching a Qi sleeve for the iPhone 3GS and BlackBerry Curve 8900 which will be retailing […]

Energizer Solar Folding Lantern
[CES 2010] Too lazy to make a camp fire so that everyone can sit around it while sharing ghost stories? The Energizer Solar Folding Lantern will come in handy then, as it can illuminate all around, albeit it does not give out heat like a standard fire would, rendering it useless to ward off nasty creatures if you’re on Pandora at night. Good thing it can be powered by normal […]

Energizer Releases Portable Battery Packs
Energizer, a household name when it comes to batteries, has teamed up with XPAL Power to further expand its Energi to Go line of portable battery packs. These new chargers are virtually compatible with every popular device in the market these days, ranging from an iPhone 3GS to solar chargers or even the larger lithium ion charger that can provide enough juice for up to a trio of devices simultaneously, […]

Energizer Hard Case LED Tactical Light
Energizer has released the Hard Case LED Tactical 2AA 2nd generation handheld light that is rugged enough to work in just about any outdoor environment as it was specifically built for rough use in the great outdoors. If you’re a person who suffers from the butterfingers syndrome, fret not – this puppy can handle 15-foot falls without grumbling, and also performs well underwater (which means it is waterproof, although we […]