Looking to do your part for the environment? If you hate the idea of your old and dead batteries being stuck in some landfill somewhere, then going rechargeable is a good way to go about it. However even then, rechargeable batteries aren’t exactly green, at least until now where Energizer has announced new rechargeable batteries made from recycled cells.

This is actually not the first time Energizer has launched such batteries. Last year the company announced regular batteries that were also made from recycled cells, so in reality it isn’t new, but the upside is that rechargeable batteries are now a little bit green. However it should be pointed out that only 4% of the battery is made from recycled cells.

This is a long way from the company’s goal of hitting the 40% mark by 2025, but we suppose it’s a start and if you’d like to do something to help the environment, we guess this would be one way to go about it.

According to Michelle Atkinson, Energizer Chief Consumer Officer, “Energizer Recharge is another step forward in our vision that all Energizer batteries contain some amount of recycled battery materials. Our scientists partnered with rechargeable suppliers to build on the knowledge and experience from Energizer EcoAdvanced and identified a process to use recycled content in our rechargeable batteries without sacrificing performance, an idea previously not thought possible by industry experts.”

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