battery-towerEnergizer has come up with something that is certainly a sight to behold – that is, a 2-tonne replica of the world famous Tower Bridge over in London. Of course, the folks over at Energizer have eschewed the “traditional” method of doing things, and that would mean ditching brick and mortar, but rather, they have made use of 83,000 batteries. These are not new batteries, of course, but rather, used ones.

To see one of London’s most well-known structures appear in the form of batteries is definitely an awe inspiring moment, and this was done to mark the launch of the Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries. In fact, this is no static model, but rather, a fully moving one to boot, where it proudly stands at 12 meters in length and 4 meters high. Right now, 4% of the company’s EcoAdvanced batteries happen to be built from recycled batteries, although Energizer hopes to see the figure increase to 40% by the time 2025 rolls around.

Gadget expert Pollyanna Woodward shared, “As a tech geek I am truly in awe of what Energizer has achieved. It has re-imagined Tower Bridge into a battery-powered sculpture, turning waste into wonderful – just like the Energizer EcoAdvanced battery does, by turning part of old batteries into brand new ones.” Do you feel the same way?

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