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BMW unveils i3 and i8 eco-friendly cars
BMW has just announced its entry in the electric car market with two impressive looking models – the i3 and the i8. Even though the cars are spec’d differently for different markets, one thing the cars have in common is that they’re both great for the environment. The i3 will be an all-electric small city car, while the i8 will be a powerful hybrid sports car featuring an electric motor […]

Nissan updates 2012 LEAF with more features and a higher price
Folks thinking about getting the Nissan LEAF but haven’t invested their hard earned cash into getting one will be pleased to know that their patience has paid off. Nissan has just announced that it launching an updated Nissan LEAF based on feedback of thousands of owners who have already driving one around. The new features will be available in the 2012 model which will also be sold in more regions […]

Suzuki Every electric van
We have heard that Nissan wants to expand upon their LEAF electric car by working on an electric-powered van, but it seems as though Japanese rival Suzuki has beat them to it with the aptly named Every electric van. The Every is not a looker for sure – just take a glance on the right and you will know what I mean, but at least you know riding around on […]

Arcimoto SRK is said to ride like a dream
If you want one of the more creative and zany looking vehicles in your garage, then you need not look very far with Arcimoto’s SRK. This is an electrical vehicle which is currently a fifth-generation prototype that features front-wheel drive to get you going, although the range isn’t going to impress anyone as you will have to plan your travels within a 40-mile radius – and that’s only one way, […]


T.27 electric car is super efficient
If the T.27 were to be some kind of Pokemon that went up against an opponent known as Greenhouse Monster, then we would most probably see the following message displayed – “It’s super effective!”, knocking out the Greenhouse Monster in but a single blow. Why do we say so? Well, the T.27 is touted to be an extremely high efficient electric vehicle thanks to its 25 kilowatt motor and a […]

Nissan and 4R develop a new EV charging system
Just when you thought electric vehicles (EV) couldn’t get any greener, Nissan and 4R have decided to come up with a way to make them rechargeable via renewable energy sources. The two companies have just announced that they’ve developed a charging system that combines a solar power generation system with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries.Electricity is generated through solar cells that are installed at Nissan’s Global Headquarters, and then stored in these […]

Mitsubishi improves on i-MiEV electric car with a new generation
There is nothing like progress to marvel at – and Mitsubishi continues to push the boundaries when it comes to electric cars, rolling out a new generation of their i-MiEV electric vehicle that will come in two trim levels. Firstly, there is the entry-level “M” that will retail for JPY 1,880,000 (roughly $24,000) after subsidies from the Japanese government, while the higher-level “G” that will feature a more comprehensive equipment […]

Pioneer introduces AVIC-ZH09-MEV Navigation System tailored for EVs
Pioneer has just introduced a new navigation system, called the AVIC-ZH09-MEV, specially designed for electric vehicles (EV). Instead or simply rebranding one of its existing Navigation System units, Pioneer took the time to engineer a new device for the purpose. In addition to functioning as a map to lead you to your destination or take you out of unfamiliar territories, the AVIC-ZH09-MEV has a number of features to help you […]

1996 Chevrolet Corvette gets electrified
The beast known as the 1996 Chevrolet Corvette is a gas-guzzling machine which packs quite a punch of horsepower, but Wayne Bickley must have turned over a new leaf or something after he caught the electric bug. Bickley actually decided to transform his beloved ride to a “zero-emissions” vehicle, and went about it by removing the pride and joy of the Corvette – its supercharged 396 engine. Once that has […]

Toyota and WiTricity to create cars that can charge wirelessly
Toyota and WiTricity have announced that they will be collaborating together to work on a way to practically apply automotive wireless charging systems and to promote its widespread use. WiTricity, a corporation that’s known for its wireless charging technology seems a fitting match for a car company (like many others) that’s been looking to go green. Toyota, the largest car manufacturer in the world has yet to introduce a next […]

ChargePoint Network allows you to reserve electric charging stations
Coulomb Technologies, one of the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider in the US, have just made changes to their ChargePoint Network, which is the industry’s first charging station reservation system designed for EV drivers. One of the most notable improvements would be to make it easier for you to book your electric charging station before you head out on a long road trip, as you select your destination, […]

SIM-LEI electric prototype offers 200 mile plus range
Sim-Drive has just lifted the curtains off their Advance Development Model No. 1. known as “SIM-LEI,” with LEI being an acronym for leading efficiency in-wheel motor. This electric prototype has actually managed to surpass the target of at least 300 kilometers (186 miles) of range on but a solitary charge. Just how far can it venture from the nearest power outlet before it runs out of juice? We’re looking at […]

HaloIPT Launches World's First Market-ready Wireless Charging System For EV
Electric Vehicles (EVs) have taken one step forward in terms of usability as a start-up business, HaloIPT, has recently launched what it touts as the world’s first market-ready wireless charging system for electric cars. The system is making its debut over in London and allows a car to be fitted with a simple integrated receiver pad to charge it automatically when parked or driven on roads with HaloIPT’s special charging […]

Wireless Charging Systems For Electric Vehicles Being Developed
While electric vehicles (EVs) are great eco-friendly modes of transportation, having to plug them in to juice up the battery is always a hassle. Of course, thanks to the advancement of technology, it might not become an issue in the future. Delphi Automotive and WiTricity Corp are busy working in collaboration in order to develop a wireless car charging system that can juice a car when it’s parked above a […]

GM's Voltec EV Charging Station May Set You Back $2000
Electric vehicle fans will be happy to hear that GM has just announced its own 240V Voltec home charger, getting into the game of Volt-compatible EV chargers. The good news is that the unit will only set you back $490, but the downside is that GM estimates that it will cost you about $1,475 to actually have it installed, meaning you’ll have to shell out close to two grand for […]

Portable charging stations for electric vehicles
Electric vehicles are great in doing their part by reducing your carbon footprint, but you can be sure that filling up its ‘tank’ when empty isn’t as simple as going to the nearest gas station. That could very well change in the near future as more and more electric vehicles gain popularity among the masses, and researchers at the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories in Cambridge, Massachusetts decided to follow the […]

AMP Equinox lasts the distance with 150 mile range
The Equinox from AMP aims to break new ground in the electric vehicle market, where it is made possible by turning a stock Chevrolet Equinox into an all-electric people mover. Its gas engine has been taken out, while its fuel tank was replaced with batteries and electric motors. It is interesting to note that an AMP converted vehicle is still under manufacturer’s warranty for most of the vehicle systems, so […]

Enyoii electric car concept
Designer Gerardo Delgado Martinez knows that the young who have just received their driving license would love nothing better than to take the car out for a spin. Of course, while they might have to ride in an old jalopy, a new, sporty car is always much more desirable. The Enyoii electric concept car is Gerardo’s design, where it will target young folks who enjoy driving while incorporating elements of […]

Honda To Launch Plug-in Hybrid, EV In US And Japan In 2012
Honda has announced that it’s planning to introduce more efficient and green vehicles in the future, and will be launching a battery-electric vehicle and a new plug-in hybrid vehicle or mid-size to larger vehicles in the US and Japanese markets by the end of 2012. In line with that, the company has also announced the use of a lithium-ion battery in its next-generation Civic Hybrid in 2011, and will be […]

JFE Engineering reveals quick battery chargers for electric vehicles
Electric vehicles are attractive due to them not requiring any fuel to run, although there is the issue of making sure they’re fully charged lest you get stuck in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest charging station. Another drawback would be the apparent length of time required to juice up those batteries, which is why JFE Engineering of Japan has come up with a quick battery charger […]