Toyota and WiTricity have announced that they will be collaborating together to work on a way to practically apply automotive wireless charging systems and to promote its widespread use. WiTricity, a corporation that’s known for its wireless charging technology seems a fitting match for a car company (like many others) that’s been looking to go green. Toyota, the largest car manufacturer in the world has yet to introduce a next generation electric vehicle, and is currently banking on the success of its Prius hybrid vehicle. However, an EV that has the ability to charge wirelessly could help push the company to the top of the green-vehicle market.

WiTricity’s charging technology makes use of resonance which allows charging without direct contact and is more efficient than electromagnetic-induction, another wireless technology that requires contact. By implementing a wireless charging system in Toyota’s Electric Vehicles or Hybrid Vehicles, keeping them charged is going to be as convenient as just parking near an embedded charger at home or in a parking facility – no more hassles of having to deal with wires.

It hasn’t been stated when we’ll see such technology will be in use, but it does sound promising. Stay tuned for more developments.

[Press Release]

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