Boeing recently detailed the software fix for the issues in its 737 Max jets which have been grounded across the globe following two fatal crashes merely five months apart. Even though the manufacturer appears to have everything ready to go, it may be a while before those planes can take to the skies once again. The Boeing 737 Max update fix is said to be “weeks” away from being approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA said in a statement that it expects to receive Boeing’s final package of the software enhancement over the coming weeks. It adds that time is required for additional work by Boeing as the result of an ongoing review of the 737 Max Flight Control System.

This is to ensure that the company has identified and appropriately addressed all of the pertinent issues. The FAA will put Boeing’s completed submission to a “rigorous safety review” once it’s provided to the agency. It adds that the software fix will not be approved for installation until the FAA is satisfied with the work.

All Boeing 737 Max jets will remain grounded across the globe until then. The investigations into the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes continue but preliminary findings have suggested that the MCAS flight control system might have been the culprit in both incidents. Formal reports have not yet been submitted in both cases.

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