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FAA Making Airlines Reboot Boeing Dreamliners After Three Weeks
The Boeing Dreamliner is a beautiful airplane. It’s also one of the most technologically advanced airplanes in the sky right now but it has had a few problems in getting off the ground. The FAA has advised airlines every step of the way and its latest advisory offers a tried and tested solution for fixing problems with complex machines: turning it off and on again. FAA is making airlines reboot […]

FAA Issues Statement On Galaxy Note 7 On Flights
A couple of days ago, it was reported that the FAA was considering the idea of banning the Galaxy Note 7 on board flights in the US due to the phones being recalled for exploding batteries. Now it looks like the agency has come forward with an official statement on its website on the issue.

FAA Considering Banning The Galaxy Note 7 From Planes
By now many of you guys would have heard the news that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is currently experiencing a spate of battery explosions. Thankfully the number of phones that have been reported to have exploded is but a fraction of the overall phones Samsung has sold, but they are still enough for Samsung to actually recall them.

FAA Tests FBI’s Drone Detection Tool At JFK Airport
While drones do help with getting some amazing photos and videos from a high-up perspective, there’s a time and place for them. For example flying them near an airport is obviously a big no-no not only for security reasons, but for safety reasons as well. We know that the FAA has been looking at different ways to detecting drones and recently they might have borrowed some tech from the FBI.


FAA: It’s A Federal Crime To Shoot Down Drones
Last year there was a report of a man who shot down a drone that flew over his backyard. A judge later cleared the man in question, claiming that he was within his right to shoot down the drone and before you get too excited about the idea of shooting down drones flying in your backyard, you might want to read the FAA’s ruling.

FAA Could Ease Drone Flying Restrictions
It looks like the folks over at the FAA could be looking into making changes to the proposed regulations where drones are concerned, and the committee has invited a number of commercial stakeholders, where among them include the likes of Alphabet’s Google X, Intel and GoPro, to the group in order to get their views on the situation. Recommendations will be worked on from March 2016 onward, with a final […]

FAA To Enforce Super Bowl No-Drone-Zone With Firepower
It was just yesterday that we brought you word on how this year’s Super Bowl event will be different from all of the others, simply because there is a “No-Drone-Zone” that has been implemented. In other words, you are not supposed to bring your drone to the party, and even if you successfully smuggled it into the stadium somehow, it would be in your best interest to keep it hidden […]

FAA Sees Close To 300,000 Drone Registrations
It looks like there were close to 300,000 owners who decided to register their aircraft with the U.S. government within the first month of the initiative itself. The FAA’s registration rule kicked off on December 21st last year, where it applied to drones that tipped the scales between 0.55 pounds and 55 pounds. Owners were required to register their drones before flying it outdoors, and each registration will remain valid […]

FAA Drone Registration Sees 45,000 Registrations In 2 Days
A couple of days ago we reported that drone owners could now register their drones with the FAA. We expect that there will be plenty of drone owners out there who think that they can get away with not registering, but it seems that the program is somewhat of a success as they have seen 45,000 registrations within the first 48 hours.According to the FAA, “The agency has seen strong […]

Drone Owners Can Start Registering Their Drones With The FAA
Last month the FAA announced that drone owners would be required to register their drones with the agency. The drone registration act is expected to come into effect on the 21st of December, 2015 meaning that if you haven’t registered your drone already, you should probably get on that ASAP.Drone registrations are now open and in case you’re hearing about this for the first time, existing drone owners have until […]

'Uber For Planes' Gets Grounded By FAA
It’s common to hear the phrase “Uber for …” being used to describe startups that essentially offer a similar service to the popular ride hailing app, and that’s precisely what was used for Flytenow, a startup that connected private pilots with passengers with the service being referred to as “Uber for planes.” It has had some troubles with the Federal Aviation Administration which has been successful in grounding the service […]

FAA Drone Registry Will Be Public
It didn’t really take many of us by surprise when a few days back the FAA confirmed that drone operators in the country will have to register their drones with the agency. It was known for months that FAA was drafting rules relating to drone registry and now they’re live. There have been concerns about privacy since drone operators are required to provide personal information like names and addresses when […]

You Now Need To Register Your Drone With The FAA
It has been known for a while now that the FAA is working on a program that will mandate registration of drones in the United States, and that program has gone live today. FAA has made it mandatory for folks in the United States to register drones that weigh under 55 pounds, this includes payloads like cameras, with drone operators required to provide information like email addresses and home address. […]

FAA Wants To Register Hobbyist Drones
It looks like the registration of drones is going to be a big thing now, even though you do not need to pay anyone to register your drone. Basically, remote-controlled aircraft that are larger than 9 ounces, which would more or less mean hobbyist drones, will have to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under recommendations put forward by leaders of a drone task force earlier this week.

FAA Says You Don’t Need To Pay Anyone To Register Your Drone
As you might have heard, last month the FAA announced that they were planning on instituting a registration program for drones. Basically with drones being so widely available, there are probably tons of drones up in the sky at the moment, some of which might be encroaching on restricted air space or being in places or doing things that they’re not supposed to do.The idea is that by registering drones, […]

Google Registers Redesigned Delivery Drones For Testing In The U.S.
Like many other companies Google is also working on delivery drones, the company’s Google X division was working on a concept called Project Wing for quite some time. It was a single-winged UAV which landed and took off vertically. It was extensively tested in Australia throughout the year but results haven’t pleased the company, so it has come up with two redesigned drones which have now been registered with the […]

FAA Looking To Test Technology To Find Illegal Drone Operators
There are places where you can fly drones legally, and there are places where you can fly them legally if you have a permit, and there are places where you can’t fly them at all. Just ask SkyPan, a drone film company who was recently hit with a proposed $1.9 million fine by the FAA for flying drones illegally in New York and Chicago.Now we’re not sure if it was […]

FAA Slaps Drone Film Company With Proposed $1.9 Million Fine
If you’re a hobbyist looking to get into drone flying for fun, maybe just to snap some photos and shoot some video, you might want to do some research on places where you are allowed to fly. If you don’t, you could end up like drone film company SkyPan who could be facing a fine of a whopping $1.9 million for allegedly operating in airspaces without proper authorization.The fine is […]

Pilots Reporting Seeing More Drones At Higher Altitudes
While drones have been looked at as tools for photographers and videographers, sometimes they do get in the way and pose a potential danger. In fact recently the FAA has released a report in which they claim that pilots have started to see drones in higher altitudes. The sightings have increased rather dramatically according to the numbers.Last year it was reported that there were about 238 drone sightings by pilots, […]

Lasers Disrupt 12 Flights In A Single Night Over New Jersey
Lasers are wonderful tools used for a variety of purposes, but at the same time it is a potentially dangerous tool especially in the wrong hands. There have been instances in which people think it’s funny to shine lasers into the eyes of drivers and athletes which is not only disruptive, but could prove to be dangerous as accidents could happen and people can become blind.Now it seems that over […]