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Facebook Launches New Voice Calling App CatchUp
Facebook Messenger already allows for voice calls, but it seems that Facebook is testing out a new app called CatchUp that will also allow users to make audio-only calls. So what’s the difference? Why would there be a need for a new and separate app? With CatchUp, there will be one main difference: users can show their availability.

Facebook Messenger Will Now Start Warning Users About Scams And Impersonations
During the early days of social media, it was relatively easy to trust messages you received on these platforms. This is because back then, not many people used them and as such, there is a good chance that who you were talking to could be an actual person. These days, it’s not uncommon to get random messages or friend requests from complete strangers.

You Can Now Launch Video Calls In Instagram That Supports Up To 50 People
Making video calls on Instagram isn’t exactly a new function or feature, however in a recent update to the app, Instagram has announced that the video calling feature will now support as many as 50 people at a time. This is thanks to the integration of Messenger Rooms within the Instagram app.

Facebook Acquires GIF Platform GIPHY
There are many GIFs available for download on the internet, but one of the largest repositories would be GIPHY, and now it looks like Facebook owns them. In an announcement on its blog, Facebook has revealed that they have acquired GIPHY, but stopped short of disclosing how much they paid for the company.


Facebook Messenger Rooms Has Officially Launched
Several weeks ago, Facebook announced Messenger Rooms. This was basically Facebook’s attempt at taking on the likes of Zoom. For those who are interested in checking it out, Facebook has since announced that Messenger Rooms will now be available to all users after rolling it out to a small set of users back in April.

Facebook Avatars Finally Make Their Way To The US
In the recent years, we’ve started to see more companies offer up more personalized avatar designs. In the past, we would be mostly looking at flat, 2D drawings for avatars, but these days, companies like Samsung and Apple have created new tools and features that lets users create a more customized 3D avatar that they can use for emojis or profile pictures.

Facebook Turns To AI To Help It Better Fight Against Hate Speech And Misinformation
As the world grows more connected, it has also given all kinds of people a platform to broadcast and share their views and thoughts. However, some of these views can be considered to be hateful and racist, and also with the ease of sharing, it is often quite easy to accidentally share something that could be outright false or perhaps wrong.

How To Post Longer Videos Onto Instagram Stories
Instagram’s Stories feature is a fun and quick way of sharing temporary videos, but the drawback is that its video length is limited, but this guide will show you how to post longer videos onto your Instagram Stories.

Facebook Is Asking For This Dog’s Driving License After Its Owner Gets Locked Out Of Its Page
There are some people who love their pets so much that they create dedicated social media accounts for them on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and we totally get it. However, losing access to that account can be quite a hassle, as 33-year old dog owner Emily Doucet found out.

Facebook’s Google Photos Export Tool Now Available In The US
Over the years, we’ve probably accumulated a ton of photos that we might have posted and shared to Facebook. However, given Facebook’s privacy scandals, we’re sure that some of you may no longer be too comfortable using the social platform and might want to move some of your content off it.

Facebook Streamers Can Soon Start To Charge For Broadcasts
For the most part, live streaming platforms are usually free-to-watch, where viewers are sometimes given the option to donate money directly to streamers via tips and other forms of payment. However, for the most part it is still free. Now it looks like Facebook wants to put a pay-gate on these streams.

Facebook Takes On Zoom With ‘Messenger Rooms’
Video conferencing apps have been around for a while now, but thanks to the coronavirus that has forced many people to work and study from home, suddenly these apps have become more popular than ever. In fact, apps like Zoom have suddenly gained a huge surge in popularity, but it looks like other companies will not be letting Zoom hog all the market share.

Facebook Still Has Plans To Put Ads In WhatsApp Eventually
Ever since Facebook was acquired by WhatsApp, many have been wondering how Facebook plans to monetize the otherwise free app. Given how much Facebook paid for the company, it is without doubt that they do plan on recouping those expenses. Last year there were plans to introduce ads, but earlier this year Facebook decided to ditch that idea.

Facebook, Instagram To Fight Election Meddling With Location Labels
Sometimes it can be hard to find out where a post on social media could be coming from. In the recent years, we’ve seen how some foreign entities have attempted to disrupt elections in another country by spreading misinformation using fake accounts and pages to make it seem like the post originated from the country the election is taking place in.