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Facebook Now Lets You Control More Personal Data
Facebook already collects a lot of data for what you do on Facebook along with your interests to display personalized advertisements or tailor the news feed accordingly.However, it has been often criticized that the apps/websites that you use out of Facebook (with Facebook connected to them in some way) also gets recorded by Facebook. And, that is what happens.But, to let you control your off-site activity, Facebook has come up […]

Facebook’s New AI Allows Robots To Navigate Without The Use Of Maps
Devices like Roombas rely on maps to find their way around your home. This is done by the robot moving around and when it detects an obstacle, it marks it down, and ultimately this creates a map of the room so that it knows where it can or cannot go. However, Facebook thinks that they might have developed an AI for robots that could potentially eliminate the need for maps.

Facebook Ditches Plans To Introduce Ads In WhatsApp
WhatsApp had a bit of a mixed business model at the start. The company had initially charged users an annual subscription fee, but they later removed it, and ever since then, the app has been free to use. When Facebook acquired it, there was no doubt that the company planned to monetize the app, but how exactly would they do that?

TikTok App Was Downloaded More Than Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in 2019
Sometimes the number of downloads and similar stats hint at how popular an app (or service) is.TikTok is already a quite popular app but it looks like it is apparently more popular than Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in 2019 if we look at the download stats.According to a report by Sensor Tower, India was responsible for nearly 45% of first-time users.Overall, TikTok app ended the year 2019 as the second […]


Instagram Reportedly Fact-Checking Photoshopped Images On Its Platform
Instagram is a platform where users share photos. It is also where photographers and other creatives use it as a medium where they can showcase their portfolio to prospective clients. However, it seems that it could soon get a lot trickier for some to use the platform in that manner.

You Now Need A Facebook Account To Use Facebook Messenger
Facebook had initially built Facebook Messenger directly into the app itself. This meant that as long as you had a Facebook account, you could use the chat feature. However, when Facebook spun Messenger out into its own app, the company had a change of policy where it allowed users to sign up for Messenger using a phone number.

Facebook Gaming Adds New 2 Pokémon Games
The Pokémon company has come up with two new exclusive games on Facebook Gaming.The ‘Pokémon Tower Battle’, developed by Bombay Play, and the ‘Pokémon Medallion Battle’, developed by GCTurbo.Of course, the holiday season right before 2020 is a great time to release new games. You can expect a lot of players to jump in to try these two exclusives.The first one – ‘Pokémon Tower Battle’ is all about making the […]

Facebook Gets In On Cloud Gaming With Their Latest Acquisition
Cloud gaming could potentially be the way of the future. One of the bottlenecks of gaming is hardware, where gamers will walk away with different experiences depending on the hardware they have on hand. For example, a gamer with a high-end rig will be able to enjoy games at its fullest potential, while gamers with low-end hardware will have to make compromises.

Facebook, Instagram Will Ban Influencers From Promoting Vaping And Guns
When it comes to ads related to guns and vaping, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have banned them. However, there used to be a loophole where companies who made these products could pay social media influencers to promote them in their posts, which is sort of an ad but done in a different manner.

FTC Might Block Facebook From Merging Its Messaging Apps
As many of you know, Facebook owns several prominent social media platforms and messaging apps, such as Instagram and WhatsApp. For the most part, they have all managed to stay separate and somewhat independent of each other. However, earlier this year it was reported that Facebook could actually be planning on unifying them.

Facebook’s Filters Tried To Censor The Mac G4 For Being ‘Overtly Sexual’
Thanks to algorithms and filters, companies such as Facebook can manage content uploaded to its platform without necessarily needing human intervention. However, as with all things, it is not 100% accurate or reliable. In fact, recently there was a hilarious report of how Facebook’s filters had attempted to censor the photo of a Mac G4 computer for apparently being “overtly sexual”.

Facebook Has A Chatbot That Helps Employees Discuss The Company’s Scandals
Being employed in a huge tech firm like Facebook sounds like it would be the dream of many, and we imagine that is still somewhat true. However, the company has been embroiled in numerous scandals in the recent months and years, meaning that without doubt should you ever mention you work at Facebook, you might be asked for your thoughts on these scandals.

Here's How Instagram Uses AI To Help You Explore Content
How do you get the perfect recommendations while you try to explore new content on Instagram?It looks like Instagram wants to share how it uses AI to help you explore the best content while keeping you safe from unwanted posts.It discusses the technical details on its latest Facebook blog post about Machine Learning applications. Here, we just give you an overview of what’s mentioned.Specifically, it talks about the “Explore” content […]

Facebook Built (But Never Released) A Facial Recognition App
Given how much Facebook knows about us, partly due to many of us willingly handing that information over, a lot of us have become a bit more wary about Facebook’s intentions these days. Now according to a recent report from Business Insider, it seems that Facebook had at one point in time created a facial recognition app.