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Firefox Has A Built-In Container That Stops Facebook From Tracking You
The vast majority of us use Facebook on a daily basis despite the fact that we know that the platform tracks us. However, if you do like to use Facebook but would rather it not track your activities across the web, then you might want to check out the latest version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Facebook Testing Cross-Platform Stories Sharing To Instagram
Facebook and Instagram both have the Stories feature, and for a while now, users on Instagram who post Stories have the option to also share it onto Facebook. However, for whatever odd reason, the reverse isn’t possible. This means that if you post Stories onto Facebook, you can’t share it onto Instagram.

Facebook Is Going After Deceptive Domain Names
One of the ways phishing scams work is that it attempts to trick the user into thinking that an email or a website belongs to the person or organization that they are trying to impersonate. For example.recently there was a report of how a Shark Tank host got scammed out of $400,000 due to an email that was made to seem like it came from her secretary, except that it […]

Facebook Is Finally Rolling Out Messenger For Mac
Back in 2019, Facebook announced their plans to release a Messenger desktop client for Mac computers. The goal was to release it by the end of the year, but that clearly did not happen. However, the good news for those looking for a native desktop experience is that it looks like it is finally happening.


Facebook Will Run Free Ads To Counter Coronavirus Misinformation
Just last week, Facebook started to crack down on ads that were spreading false information about the cure for the coronavirus (there is none, the closest thing we’ve got is a vaccine which has been sent for human trials). Now it looks like Facebook will be taking things one step further by running free ads for the WHO to help counter this misinformation.

Facebook Messenger For iOS Is Now Smaller And Faster Than Ever
A lot of times, apps are typically designed with a main function in mind. However, over the years, developers tend to add to it where they increase the number of features to it. While sometimes it can be a good thing, other times it can detract from the app’s main purpose and bog it down with unwanted features.

Facebook Messenger Redesign Simplifies The App
Over the years, apps get updated with new features and UI changes and improvements. However, this isn’t always necessarily for the better because what was once a simple app can eventually get too bloated for its intended purpose. Thankfully, Facebook is looking to trim the fat on its Messenger app.

Facebook Cancels Its F8 Conference Over Coronavirus Concerns
It seems that this year a lot of major events could be in trouble due to the coronavirus outbreak. For example, Sony pulled out of PAX East, MWC 2020 was cancelled, and more recently, an Olympics official has hinted that there is a chance that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games could potentially be cancelled if things do not improve.

Facebook Cracks Down On Ads Claiming To Cure The Coronavirus
At the moment there is no known cure for the coronavirus. While there have been some methods that have been used that seem to show some promise, there is no official cure just yet. The best progress we’ve seen so far is a vaccine that has been sent for human trials, although whether or not it will be approved or work remains to be seen.

Facebook Wants To Pay You For Your Voice Recordings
Remember that time Facebook tried to pay users to give up some of their privacy? It seems that Facebook has no qualms about that approach because the company has since announced a new program called “Pronunciations”. With this new program, Facebook is offering to pay users for their voice recordings.

Facebook Takes A Run At Pinterest With Its New ‘Hobbi’ App
If you’re looking for a way to gather ideas or store some of your favorite findings on the internet, Pinterest is probably a good place to start. However, it seems that Facebook could be trying to take a run at Pinterest with something of their own, as the company has recently launched a new app called Hobbi.

Facebook Denied To Launch Its Dating Service In Europe Over Privacy Concerns
Facebook has been planning to launch its dating service across the world. However, the Facebook dating service’s launch was blocked by the EU’s lead data regulator.As per the reports, Facebook failed to give enough advanced warning before the launch.In addition to that, it also failed to comply with the legally required assessment of privacy risks.As far as we know, Ireland’s newspaper reported that Facebook failed to provide the documents […]

Facebook Says Their Goal Is To No Longer Be ‘Liked’
Over the years, Facebook has been embroiled in all kinds of scandals and controversies, but yet no matter what the company has done to try and mitigate or correct those mistakes, the public perception of them is definitely not where it used to be. However, moving forwards, it seems that Facebook will have a new approach.

Facebook Will Have To Pay $550 million To Illinois Users In A Privacy Settlement
When it comes to privacy laws, Illinois has the strictest biometric privacy laws in the states.In case you’re curious, biometric information includes the data from facial, fingerprint, and iris scans.A federal lawsuit against Facebook explained that Facebook was using its facial tagging feature in the photos to identify users without their consent.Even though that’s an active feature for most of the people using Facebook, Illinois users complained that it violated […]