FCC Warns Public Not To Pickup The One-Ring Robocall Scam
It is a bit sad that even in this day and age where we have such amazing technology, that robocalls are still a thing that exists. So far there really doesn’t seem like there is much that can be done about them apart from introducing filters to block known numbers and educating the public about them.

T-Mobile And Sprint’s Merger Could Be In Trouble
T-Mobile has in the past attempted to merge with other carriers such as AT&T, but that did not work out so well. In the past year or so, the company has been attempting to merge again, but this time with Sprint where it feels like the merger could actually happen. However, it looks like the merger has since hit a roadblock.

FCC Commissioner Wants To Crackdown On Sale Of Location Data
Earlier this year there was a report published on Motherboard which revealed how cheap and easy it was to obtain the location data of a phone from various US carriers. Carriers such as AT&T and Sprint have since responded to the report in which they promised to end the sale of location data to third-parties.

FCC Confirms At Least Three LG G8 ThinQ Models
At MWC 2019, LG will be officially unveiling its upcoming handset, the LG G8 ThinQ. The company has actually been slowly teasing the features of the phone, such as its sound-on display, and now a recent sighting at the FCC has confirmed that there will be at least three variants of the phone.


FCC Filing Hints At Samsung Galaxy S10’s Reverse Wireless Charging
One of the unique features of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro handset is its ability to reverse wireless charge. This means that the phone itself can act as a wireless charger where it will be able to wirelessly charge another device, such as another smartphone, as long as that device supports wireless charging as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10’s Wireless Charger Spotted At The FCC
Wireless charging has become almost like a default feature that we expect all smartphones to have these days, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 could also come with the feature. In fact according to a recent sighting at the FCC, the Galaxy S10 could feature even faster wireless charging than before.

T-Mobile And Sprint Merger Has Been Put On Hold
T-Mobile and Sprint are currently in the process of merging. This is a huge deal for the mobile industry given that in this is not the first time that such a merger has been proposed. It is also not the first time that T-Mobile’s attempts to merge with other carriers has failed, so naturally many are watching this deal very closely.

FCC Approves Google’s Radar Motion Sensor Project
At the moment a lot of our interactions with our devices involve touch, even if it doesn’t necessarily involve physical buttons. We have seen some companies in the past, like Sony, explore the idea of interacting with our devices that don’t involve touch, but that concept didn’t quite catch on back then.

AT&T’s Power Drum Wireless Charger Revealed
If you’re looking for a new wireless charger, you might be interested to learn that AT&T might have something for you. According to a sighting by Zatz Not Funny, it seems that both the FCC and Wireless Power Consortium have revealed the carrier’s plans to launch a wireless charger called the “Power Drum”.

FCC Will Allow Carriers To Block Unwanted/Spam Text Messages
Spam text messages are annoying as the notifications you get from them are distracting, especially since a lot of times the number used changes, which means that it’s impossible to try and block them as it is equivalent to playing a game of whack-a-mole. The good news is that following a vote at the FCC, the regulator has announced that carriers will now have the authority to block unwanted/spam text […]

Samsung Galaxy Home Spotted At The FCC, Coming Launching Soon
Several months ago Samsung announced the Galaxy Home which is basically Samsung’s take on the smart speaker. However what Samsung did not mention during the announcement was when the device would launch, but the good news is that it looks like we could be getting pretty close to a release.

FCC Warns Carriers Of Action If Caller ID Authentication Not Implemented By 2019
The FCC has come out swinging against robocalls. Ajit Pai, the commission’s chairman, has sent a letter to over a dozen mobile providers in the United States today warning them of action if they don’t implement caller ID authentication by 2019 to prevent automated spoof calls. He’s calling on the carriers to adopt an industry-wide method of preventing these calls from even going through so that the end user doesn’t […]

FCC To Open New Wireless Spectrum To Enable Gigabit Wi-Fi
Bandwidth demand continues to rise as more and more devices are becoming “smarter” and thus constant connectivity. The future calls for an improvement in Wi-Fi standards and this is something that the FCC and the wireless industry are working on. The Federal Communications Commission has now proposed opening up new spectrum which will allow for gigabit Wi-Fi.

FCC Wants Those Affected By Hurricane Michael To Switch Carriers Without Penalties
Boasting about wide coverage is all well and good under normal circumstances, but what happens during an emergency? Are carriers prepared for such instances where they might have infrastructures in place that helps keep communication alive and well in the event of an emergency?