Known for their affordable furniture, IKEA has in the recent years start to branch out by creating more relevant and hi-tech offerings. We’ve seen this happen with smart blinds, smart bulbs, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Now it looks like they might have a new smart home shortcut button in development.

Originally spotted by Swedish website Teknikveckan, this seems to be a small button that lets users create smart home scenes. This is essentially like a macro button of sorts, where at a press of a button, you can execute multiple commands at once to various smart home devices. For example, you could at a touch of the button close the shades and turn off the lights before you leave the home.

We’re not sure if this is a dynamic button where you could create multiple shortcuts and use them through this button, or if it is a one-use button where it is only good for one scene. It is also unclear if this button will work with other brands of smart home devices or if it will only work with IKEA’s lineup.

However, it has been suggested that you will need the Tradfri Gateway in order to use the button, so at the very least, you’ll still to buy a couple of IKEA’s smart home products. No word on a launch yet, but with it stopping by the FCC, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

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