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FDA Approves The Use Of Scuba Gear As A Form Of Protective Equipment
First ECG Device To Detect Three Heart Arrhythmias Cleared By FDA
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FDA Restrictions On Genetically Modified Salmon Removed
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Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature Was Almost Not Announced
Apple Watch Heart Rate Study Reportedly Helped Win FDA Approval For ECG Feature
FDA Declares Impossible Foods’ Meat-Free Burger Safe To Eat
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FDA Approves Use Of AI Tool That Detects Wrist Fractures
FDA Approves First Drug That Helps Prevent Migraines
Amazon Hires Former FDA Official, Hints At Healthcare Plans
FDA Approves Shock Wave Device That Can Heal Wounds
FDA Approves Digital Pill That Lets Doctors Track You
FDA Warns That Some Pacemakers Can Be Hacked
Vaping Is Now Banned For Minors