There are a variety of ways to treat wounds, and the FDA has added a new way to that list by approving a treatment involving the use of shock waves. Developed by a company called Sanuwave, they have created a system called the Dermapace System that relies on “acoustic shock waves” to help heal wounds.

To be more specific, this is aimed at diabetes patients where the technology can help to heal foot ulcers. For diabetic patients, they can experience damage to blood vessels and nerves in their feet that can lead to reduced circulation, infection, and can lead to amputation if it gets bad enough.

With the use of the Dermapace System, it will use acoustic shock waves to stimulate the wound, which the company claims will help to promote healing. Based on two double-blind studies, the results were encouraging as it showed an increase in wound healing at 24 weeks with a 44% wound closure rate using the Dermapace System.

This is versus a fake system that tried to mimic the effects but only had a 30% closure rate. For those interested, you can check out the video animation above that shows how the system will work.

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