We all know that smoking is bad for your health and that kids smoking is also another issue. However the FDA thinks that they might have the answer to stop kids from smoking and that is through the creation of a PC and Xbox One game dubbed “One Leaves”. This game has been designed to scare kids into stopping.

According to the FDA, “This new initiative targets youth ages 12-17 who are either open to trying cigarettes or are already experimenting. This target regularly plays video games, so to allow these teens to experience, firsthand, the grave and addictive consequences of smoking.” Based on the statistics, it has been suggested that for every four teens who smoke in high school, three will continue smoking into adulthood.

The idea behind the game is that it is meant to scare teens into quitting cigarettes. The game will feature challenges where players are tasked to escape their cell, but unfortunately due to their characters in the game having their bodies ravaged by years of smoking, players will encounter issues such as being only able to run in short bursts, obscured vision from smoke, and so on.

It is quite a disturbing game and to be honest we’re not sure how effective it is. This is because gamers can choose not to play the game if they don’t want to, meaning that exactly how many teens this game can reach is unclear.

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