FedEx monitorIf you’ve been checking out internet videos over the past few days, I’m pretty sure you would have stumbled upon the video clip of a FedEx worker who was caught red-handed nonchalantly tossing a computer monitor over a fence. The man didn’t even bother ringing the doorbell or attempted to place the monitor down carefully – he just tossed it over the fence like it was the normal thing to do.

Well, the video has made its way around the internet, with over 4-million views to date, undoubtedly painting FedEx in a bad light. However, according to reports online, it looks like FedEx has resolved the situation to the customer’s satisfaction, and is handling the employee according to its disciplinary policies. The customer who filmed the video received a replacement monitor free of charge and an apology from FedEx about the situation.

If you’re getting any presents delivered to you this holiday season, and you want to make sure they are delivered to you correctly, perhaps a surveillance video camera setup on your front gate might help. Check out the video for yourself:

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