Apple logoMany believe that the 21st of September could be when Apple will release the iPhone 5, but unfortunately that date cannot be confirmed yet. Hopefully Apple’s 12th of September announcement will reveal those details. However the folks at MacRumors have learnt that FedEx is planning a surge volume event on the 21st to the 24th of September which appears to coincide with Apple’s iPhone release date. Of course given that FedEx deals with thousands of companies, not just Apple, it would be slightly arrogant of us to presume that this might have anything to do with the iPhone.

However as MacRumors have pointed out, FedEx is Apple’s choice of shipping partner for US deliveries, sometimes turning to alternatives such as USPS during periods of heavy demand, so perhaps this speculation might not be too far off the mark. Either way with less than a week to go to the big day, we guess we won’t have long to wait to see if all these iPhone rumors and speculations come true, so stay tuned!

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