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Final Fantasy VII Will See Dramatic Changes To Its Battle System
Last month at E3, Square Enix surprised us all when they announced that they are working on a Final Fantasy VII remake. It should be noted that it is a remake as opposed to a remaster so not only will the game get upgraded graphics, but it will also come with new features and game mechanics, but at the same time hopefully not deviating from the story too much.That being […]

Live-Action Final Fantasy VII Video Looks Downright Amazing
There have been a couple of Final Fantasy VII movies that have been made over the years, but given that Square Enix recently announced that they would be remaking Final Fantasy VII, could it be possible that maybe we might be treated to a new Final Fantasy VII movie in the future as well?While we suppose anything can happen, in the meantime director Roth Rind and PermaGrin Films have put […]

Additional Final Fantasy VII Remake Details Revealed
Even a week after the announcement that Square Enix would be revisiting Final Fantasy VII and grace us all with a remake, the internet is still abuzz about the news and what kind of new features and changes we might expect. So far what we know about the game is that it won’t be 100% the same game which is good and bad.However during an interview with Famitsu, the game’s […]

Square Enix Reveals Why They Chose To Remake Final Fantasy VII Now
Gamers have been clamoring for a Final Fantasy VII remake or at least a remaster for years now, but it was only this week during E3 that Square Enix finally obliged. So why now? Why not last year? Why not 2005? Why not next year? We’re sure many are wondering why of all times did Square Enix choose to remake the game?Speaking to 4Gamer (via Siliconera), Square Enix’s Nomura Tetsuya […]


Square Enix Hopes Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Boost PS4 Sales
As it stands, Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console for the month of May, and depending on which market you are looking at, has managed to dominate the charts in the previous months as well. However it seems that Square Enix wants to give Sony a helping hand with the remake of Final Fantasy VII.During the week, Square Enix announced that they would be remaking Final Fantasy VII and […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake Won’t Be 100% The Same
Much to the delight of gamers around the world, Square Enix announced that they will be remaking Final Fantasy VII. Based on what we know about remakes, chances are we would be looking at (much needed) updated graphics, tweaking of some controls, maybe add a few feature or two, and so on.However according to Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura when speaking to Famitsu (via Kotaku), it won’t be as straightforward as […]

Final Fantasy VII Will Be Arriving On iOS Devices This Summer
Just yesterday Square Enix blew everyone away when they announced that the classic Final Fantasy VII would be getting an official PS4 remake. From what we can tell from the trailer, the game looked very good and very promising and will hopefully be able to live up to the hype and anticipation of gamers around the world.If that wasn’t good enough news, Square Enix’s executive producer Shinji Hashimoto recently took […]

Final Fantasy VII Is Finally Getting An Official Remake For The PS4
When it comes to the Final Fantasy franchise, it is safe to say that Final Fantasy VII was probably one of the more iconic Final Fantasy games out there. It is still being talked about even today and cosplayers love picking characters from that title to dress up as, despite the fact that the game is considered pretty damn old.However if you’re wondering how the game might fare if it […]