ff7Just yesterday Square Enix blew everyone away when they announced that the classic Final Fantasy VII would be getting an official PS4 remake. From what we can tell from the trailer, the game looked very good and very promising and will hopefully be able to live up to the hype and anticipation of gamers around the world.


If that wasn’t good enough news, Square Enix’s executive producer Shinji Hashimoto recently took to the stage and has announced that Final Fantasy VII would also be arriving on iOS devices. Now before you get too excited, this is not the mobile version of the recently announced remake, but rather a port of the original game.

Is this disappointing? We suppose it is a little disappointing especially since there will be a brighter and shinier Final Fantasy VII that gamers on the PS4 get to enjoy, but at the same time given the cult status of the original game, we suppose this is a title worth looking forward to. Pricing has yet to be determined although chances are it won’t come cheap.

It is also expected to be released in the summer but no specific dates were mentioned. Square Enix has released other Final Fantasy titles for mobile devices in the past, but safe to say that Final Fantasy VII will be the company’s crowning achievement and one that we’re sure many gamers are looking forward to.

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