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Final Fantasy VII Monopoly Will Be Coming Next Year
Have you ever played Final Fantasy and thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t this be great if there were a Monopoly version?” If you haven’t, we guess we can’t say we blame you. After all there have been many popular movies/games that have been given the Monopoly treatment even if it didn’t necessarily need it, and now it looks like Final Fantasy VII will be given the same treatment.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Be Episodic
Are you looking forward to playing the Final Fantasy 7 remake? We know we are, and now thanks to the latest issue of Game Informer, additional details of the upcoming game have been revealed, and one of those things revealed was how the remake was going to follow in the footsteps of Final Fantasy XIII and be episodic in nature.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Might Make Its Way Onto The Nintendo NX
The Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced last year and based on the announcement, it looks like the game might be an exclusive to the Sony PlayStation 4 platform. We suppose a PC release might be possible, but could there be a Nintendo release in the works? According to a recent video by YouTuber SuperMetalDave64 (see above), it seems that could be a possibility.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Graphics Comparison To The Original
It was pretty huge news last year when it was announced that Square Enix would be remaking Final Fantasy 7. It is safe to say that out of all the Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy 7 has to be the most iconic, featuring characters that even people who do not play the game will be able to recognize.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Feature Full Voice Acting
With the popularity and cult status of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII, safe to say that many are eagerly anticipating the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was announced earlier this year during E3 2015. So far based on the game’s trailer, things are looking pretty good and thanks to a recent interview, additional details have been revealed.In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation (translated by Gematsu) this week, […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Made Using Unreal Engine 4
Earlier this year when the Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced, it was later revealed that the game would not be relying on Square Enix’s Luminous Engine. This was an interesting choice on Square Enix’s part, but unfortunately at that time the developers did not share what engine they would go with.However as it turns out, the answer isn’t too surprising as it has been revealed that the Final Fantasy […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Episodic
Just yesterday Sony released the gameplay trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PS4. So far we like what we see and we have some good news for you guys: it turns out that the Remake will not be a one-off title as Square Enix has revealed their plans to make the game episodic in nature.What this means is that gamers can look forward to additional content […]

Original Final Fantasy VII Now Available On The PS4
Just yesterday Square Enix released the gameplay trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake for the PlayStation 4, and boy were we impressed and we have to say that we are very excited for it. At the same time we know that there are plenty of gamers out there who have yet to experience the original title.The good news is that if you have never played the original Final […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Trailer Released
Earlier this year Square Enix made a surprise announcement in which they revealed that they were working on a Final Fantasy VII remake. Final Fantasy VII is probably one of the most iconic Final Fantasy games around which is why many gamers were pleasantly surprised to learn about the remake.Now previously we were treated to some screenshots but it looks like we have a gameplay trailer to check out. This […]

Cloud From Final Fantasy VII Coming To Super Smash Bros
Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. for the most part has a roster that features characters from Nintendo’s franchises, like Mario, Luigi, Wario, Kirby, Princess Zelda, Link, and so on. However in an interesting twist, it looks like Nintendo has officially announced that Cloud from Final Fantasy VII will be making his debut in the game.We know what you’re thinking and the rest of the internet has the same reaction. Judging by […]

Final Fantasy VII’s New Battle System Will Be By Trial And Error
While there is still no word on when Final Fantasy VII’s remake will be released, safe to say many are curious as to how Square Enix will be approaching the game. As the company had previously pointed out, this will be a remake and not a HD remaster, and have mentioned that it will not be 100% the same.For starters it will not rely on Square Enix’s Luminous Engine, and […]

Final Fantasy VII Has Sold 11 Million Units Worldwide
Final Fantasy 7 was originally released back in 1997, meaning that it is 18 years old now, making it a very old game. However despite it being so old, it is considered to one of the classics and many regard it as one of the best titles in the Final Fantasy series. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that it has sold extremely well over […]

Final Fantasy VII Is Now Available On iOS
Earlier this year during E3 2015, Square Enix announced that they would be bringing the classic and iconic Final Fantasy VII game onto iOS. The company had only mentioned a summer release back then but no specific dates were mentioned. However if you’re looking forward to playing the game, you’re in luck because the game has since been released.However it should be noted that the game has only been released […]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Won’t Using Square’s Luminous Engine
Recent Final Fantasy titles have relied on the use of Square Enix’s Luminous Engine which was released back in 2012. In fact the studio’s MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn uses the engine to a certain extent, but if you were hoping that the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake will rely on the Luminous Engine, you might be disappointed.According to the folks at Nova Crystallis who managed to interview […]

Final Fantasy VII Will See Dramatic Changes To Its Battle System
Last month at E3, Square Enix surprised us all when they announced that they are working on a Final Fantasy VII remake. It should be noted that it is a remake as opposed to a remaster so not only will the game get upgraded graphics, but it will also come with new features and game mechanics, but at the same time hopefully not deviating from the story too much.That being […]

Live-Action Final Fantasy VII Video Looks Downright Amazing
There have been a couple of Final Fantasy VII movies that have been made over the years, but given that Square Enix recently announced that they would be remaking Final Fantasy VII, could it be possible that maybe we might be treated to a new Final Fantasy VII movie in the future as well?While we suppose anything can happen, in the meantime director Roth Rind and PermaGrin Films have put […]

Additional Final Fantasy VII Remake Details Revealed
Even a week after the announcement that Square Enix would be revisiting Final Fantasy VII and grace us all with a remake, the internet is still abuzz about the news and what kind of new features and changes we might expect. So far what we know about the game is that it won’t be 100% the same game which is good and bad.However during an interview with Famitsu, the game’s […]

Square Enix Reveals Why They Chose To Remake Final Fantasy VII Now
Gamers have been clamoring for a Final Fantasy VII remake or at least a remaster for years now, but it was only this week during E3 that Square Enix finally obliged. So why now? Why not last year? Why not 2005? Why not next year? We’re sure many are wondering why of all times did Square Enix choose to remake the game?Speaking to 4Gamer (via Siliconera), Square Enix’s Nomura Tetsuya […]

Square Enix Hopes Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Boost PS4 Sales
As it stands, Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console for the month of May, and depending on which market you are looking at, has managed to dominate the charts in the previous months as well. However it seems that Square Enix wants to give Sony a helping hand with the remake of Final Fantasy VII.During the week, Square Enix announced that they would be remaking Final Fantasy VII and […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake Won’t Be 100% The Same
Much to the delight of gamers around the world, Square Enix announced that they will be remaking Final Fantasy VII. Based on what we know about remakes, chances are we would be looking at (much needed) updated graphics, tweaking of some controls, maybe add a few feature or two, and so on.However according to Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura when speaking to Famitsu (via Kotaku), it won’t be as straightforward as […]