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Final Fantasy XV PC Demo Out Today
The much awaited Final Fantasy XV PC demo is finally available today. PC gamers will finally be able to get a sense of how this title performs on PC ahead of its launch which is due next week. Square Enix had previously confirmed that it would be releasing the demo on February 26th and it has stuck to its word.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Release Date Possibly Revealed
If the date mentioned in a new App Store listing is anything to go by, it appears that the Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition release date has been revealed. The mobile iteration of this popular PC and console game could be out by next month if the release date mentioned in the App Store listing is accurate. A listing for the game went live on the Google Play Store in […]

Assassin's Creed And Final Fantasy Crossover Announced
A very interesting announcement has been made today by Ubisoft and Square Enix. They’ve confirmed an Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy crossover today. The two development teams will be “paying homage to each other’s gaming universes” as part of this new collaboration. To mark the start of this partnership, they have unveiled a piece of artwork at this year’s Gamescom which features Bayek from Assassin’s Creed Origins and Noctis from […]

Final Fantasy XV PC Specs Confirmed
Square Enix confirmed at Gamescom this week that it’s going to release Final Fantasy XV for PC. The version headed to the desktop is called Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. Square Enix has now confirmed the PC requirements for this game. Those who are interested in playing Final Fantasy XV on their PC should certainly check out the requirements to make sure that their machine is compatible.


Final Fantasy XV PC Release Confirmed
Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will be happy to know that Square Enix has confirmed the Final Fantasy XV PC release. The game is going to be released for PC a year after it came out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The official announcement was made at the Gamescom event in Germany. A new trailer was revealed during a press conference by NVIDIA.

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Patch Released
It was previously confirmed that Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro patch would be released in the coming weeks. This will enable the game to take full advantage of the enhanced performance offered by the most powerful console that Sony has ever developed. Those who own this title on PlayStation 4 Pro will be delighted to find out today that the much-awaited PS4 Pro patch has now been released. Final Fantasy […]

Final Fantasy XV PC Release Taken Into Consideration
While I am pretty confident that many people have already enjoyed their time with the recently released Final Fantasy XV platinum demo, not to mention the Final Fantasy XV anime series, do bear in mind that the title is set to arrive on the Sony PS4 as well as the Xbox One. Wait a minute here, is something missing from the equation? Apparently so, as Square Enix is said to […]

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo Now Available
Can we have some drumrolls please…it looks like all of your patience and refreshing the news pages concerning anything and everything that has to do with Final Fantasy XV has finally paid off. The Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo is now available to all and sundry to try out, where gamers who are rocking to the current generation Sony PS4 as well as Xbox One can give it a go, […]

Final Fantasy XV Anime Series Coming Your Way
Wow – just wow. Earlier today, we heard that there was a Final Fantasy XV video which would provide gamers with a glimpse of Young Noctis, and then later on in the evening, there was mention of the release date of Final Fantasy XV in addition to whispers on the grapevine that a demo is set to arrive soon. Just before we retire for the night, here we are with […]