If the date mentioned in a new App Store listing is anything to go by, it appears that the Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition release date has been revealed. The mobile iteration of this popular PC and console game could be out by next month if the release date mentioned in the App Store listing is accurate. A listing for the game went live on the Google Play Store in August last year but it didn’t mention a release date for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition.

Final Fantasy XV has been very well received by PC and console gamers. While many were skeptical about the mobile version as they felt it was a potential cash grab on Square Enix’s part, some reports suggest that the mobile version holds promise.

The game reportedly stays faithful to the original as far as the battles, characters, and gameplay mechanics are concerned. However, the character design appears to be similar which will enable the title to perform well even on low-powered smartphones.

Square Enix hasn’t confirmed the official Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition release date as yet but this App Store listing mentions that the game is going to be released on February 9th for iOS devices. The Google Play Store listing didn’t provide a release date so it can’t be said for sure right now if it will be released alongside its iOS counterpart on the very same day.

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