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Twitter Launches Live Streaming App For Apple TV, Fire TV, And Xbox One
Twitter today announced that it’s launching a new app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox One. The app focuses on providing live streaming video to these devices which are normally hooked up to the biggest screen in the house. These free apps will provide users with access to all of the live streaming video content that’s available on Twitter, and there’s quite a bit of it now.

Amazon Fire TV Gets Alexa Voice Commands And More Soon
Amazon will soon release an update for the Fire TV set-top box that’s going to bring a string of new features to the device. Features that will arrive with this update include Alexa voice commands, which will make it very easy to do tasks like launching apps and starting videos, aside from a handful of other features.

Amazon Fire TV Update Gets More Than Just Alexa
Earlier today, we did bring you word on how the original Fire TV from Amazon would be on the receiving end of the Alexa assistant (which is available on the 4K Fire TV, but won’t be extensible as it is on the Amazon Echo), and while that is fine and dandy, this does not mean that that is all there is to it in the update. No sir, for the […]

Amazon's Alexa Assistant Arrives On Original Fire TV
If you pick up a brand new 4K Fire TV from Amazon you’re going to get access to its Alexa personal digital assistant as well. It’s not as extensible as it is on the Amazon Echo but it does allow the user to get information about weather, traffic, sports as well as music and audiobooks through Alexa. Amazon has released a software update today which brings Alexa to the original […]


It's Now Possible To Shop On Amazon Via The Fire TV
A set-top box seems like the perfect device for indulging in a bit of shopping, think about it, you’re comfy on the couch and going through a list of products that might appeal to you. If it’s easy to place an order you very well might go ahead and place an order. I’ve often wondered when Amazon hasn’t done that yet with its own set-top box, the Fire TV, and […]

Amazon's New Fire TV Stick Is More Powerful And Comes With A Voice Remote
Amazon has announced a bunch of new hardware today like it was expected to do, including but not limited to an all new Fire TV set-top box, and before you ask the company has not forgotten about the Fire TV Stick. Amazon claims that this is the company’s fastest selling device. The streaming media stick has been updated and it’s now more powerful than ever before and also comes with a voice […]

New Amazon Fire TV With 4K And Alexa Support Announced
We had been hearing for a while now that Amazon is going to unveil a new set-top box in the very near future and that’s precisely what it has done today. It has unveiled the second-generation Amazon Fire TV which is a big step up from the predecessor. Two things stand out of the rest: the fact that it has support for 4K and that there’s Alexa integration, Alexa is Amazon’s virtual […]

Alexa Voice Assistant May Soon Live Inside Your Fire TV
Like many other tech companies that have created digital personal assistants Amazon also has one of its own which it likes to call Alexa, currently Alexa lives inside the Amazon Echo and it’s capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. It would only be natural if Amazon decided to slowly bring Alexa to some of its other products as well, if a new rumor is to be believed your Fire […]

FCC Lists A Potential Fire TV Successor
There are times when one needs to throw in the towel and admit defeat – there is no shame at all in doing so. Well, Amazon has more or less given up on the now ill-fated Fire Phone since this handset is no longer available for purchase, and if you think that the same is going to happen to the Fire TV, think again. Chances are Amazon will be updated […]

Amazon Fire TV Proves To Be A Hit Amongst Consumers
While Amazon is largely known to be an online retailer, the company has dabbled in hardware releases like the Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fire Android tablets, Kindle Fire smartphones, and the Kindle Fire TV set-top box. Some of them have gone on to prove to be popular, while others were kind of a flop.That being said if you were wondering how Amazon’s Fire TV is doing, it is safe to say […]

Amazon X-Ray Feature Offers IMDb Info Now
It pays to be on the cutting edge of things, and for this particular aspect, we have word that Amazon’s X-Ray feature is an interesting thing to check out. It basically will deliver IMDb information that people tend to look out for, especially when it comes to Fire TV movies as well as TV shows. This is definitely a great Kindle feature that is worth checking out, since it will […]

Sling Media Reveals Slingplayer App For Amazon Fire TV
The folks over at Sling Media have just revealed the Slingplayer app for the Amazon Fire TV, where upon installation of this free app, you will be able to make use of it so that you can stream not only live, but also recorded programs as well, all from a compatible Slingbox device. In other words, if you so happen to have Slingbox that has been set up in one […]

Amazon Slashes Fire TV Price For Cyber Monday
Now that this year is coming to an end its about time we look back and see all of the great technology we were treated to this year. Amazon surprised us with jumping into hardware categories that it had never even tried its hand at before, the Fire TV was one such product. The company’s set-top box has had a tough time in the market because it went up against […]

Fire TV Software Update Offers Support For Tablet-Centric Games
It seems the new TV box from Google, known as the Nexus Player, alongside Android TV, do carry one particular major drawback – neither of them happen to provide official support for many of the games that are out there in the market, not to mention selected apps. Of course, in the course of time, all of that might change as additional developers introduce more support for Android TV, but […]