ftv-fccThere are times when one needs to throw in the towel and admit defeat – there is no shame at all in doing so. Well, Amazon has more or less given up on the now ill-fated Fire Phone since this handset is no longer available for purchase, and if you think that the same is going to happen to the Fire TV, think again. Chances are Amazon will be updated their Fire TV later this fall, taking into consideration how the original Amazon Fire TV is no longer in stock. Normally, this is a sign that points to a potential replacement, which could very well have been seen in an FCC listing.

Basically, any manufacturer or company that would like to market a product that contains wireless capabilities over here in the US will need to send in the relevant files to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), although some companies like Amazon prefer to go on the quiet by sneaking its products quietly to the FCC database through the names of shell companies, rather than their own, in order to minimize the amount of potential attention and hopefully, be able to spring a surprise to the market – and their competitors at the same time.

The 2ADU5-4902 label that you see above happens to be an “HDMI Digital Media Receiver” with support for 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, and it hails from Quill Royal LLC. The documents also point to a microSD memory card slot and an Ethernet jack, which makes it all the more closer to a new Fire TV than that of a Fire TV Stick. Ah well, we will just have to sit tight and wait for all to be clear.

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