Like many other tech companies that have created digital personal assistants Amazon also has one of its own which it likes to call Alexa, currently Alexa lives inside the Amazon Echo and it’s capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. It would only be natural if Amazon decided to slowly bring Alexa to some of its other products as well, if a new rumor is to be believed your Fire TV might soon be playing host to Alexa.

Folks over at AFTVNews have been going through the Amazon Fire OS 5 developer preview and they’ve discovered quite a lot of evidence which points towards the possibility that Alexa will soon be available for Fire TV.

However the evidence doesn’t confirm if Alexa will be released for existing Fire TV devices or if it’ll be a feature that’s introduced with the next-generation Fire TV hardware.

When it does arrives for the set-top box it will be able to perform voice searches like Siri does on the new Apple TV, if it brings over functionality from Amazon Echo users will also be able to do things like music streaming, listening to audiobooks from Audible, checking their Google Calendar and even controlling smart home devices.

It remains to be seen though when Amazon officially announces that Alexa is coming to the Fire TV, only then will be know whether it will be available for existing hardware or will be exclusive to the new hardware that’s expected to be unveiled later this month.

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