While the smartwatch craze hasn’t exactly reached new heights, consumers are gradually taking to wearable devices. At this point in time these devices are primarily used for displaying notifications, taking pictures or calls and even monitoring fitness related data. As we all know, there never really just one implementation of a certain technology, and that rings true with smartwatches as well. Gun maker Armatix has developed a new system which basically pairs together a .22-caliber handgun with a smartwatch, and unless the latter is in range, the gun will remain locked and won’t fire.

The built-in RFID chip measures proximity, and when it senses the smartwatch, a green light on the grip pops up indicating that the gun, an Armatix iP1, has been automatically unlocked and can now be fired. Its a novel concept, one that might aid in bringing down gun related accidents, though it probably won’t be as nice to fumble around the dark for the smartwatch while an intruder charges into your bedroom. The Armatix iP1 handgun alone retails for $1,399, the smartwatch has to be bought separately for $399. Some might think its too much to pay for a .22-caliber, but given the extra security it provides, the entire system may be worthwhile after all.

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