gunboxI know that there is this huge debate going on right now (and has been for quite some time already) concerning guns and gun control laws, but this is not what we are here to talk about today. For those of you who own firearms, you know how dangerous it can be if it falls into the wrong hands. Perhaps it is time you forget about the drawer by your bedside table, and rely on the Gun Box to keep your trusty firearm. The Gun Box prides itself in being the first gun safe which relies on RFID as well as a biometric fingerprint scanner in order to keep its contents securely locked away, without sacrificing on speed when you need to whip it out in a jiffy.

Safety and convenience comes together with the Gun Box, as it allows you to obtain rapid access to your firearm via fingerprint ID, unique RFID ring or bracelet, or even a combination of both. Other than that, there is also a special locking system so that little ones are unable to gain access to it when you are not around. The Gun Box is made out of an aircraft strength aluminum alloy shell, alert notifications whenever the box is open, moved or tampered with, GPS tracking whenever the Gun Box is on the move, and even a battery backup which lets it last for a few weeks. Right now, the Gun Box needs $100,000 on Indiegogo to become a reality.

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