Google Play Not Blocked On Firefox, Its A Bug

It was reported earlier today that Firefox for Android can no longer be used to access Google Play. Many people posted screenshots online of Google Play returning a “this browser is no longer supported” error when they tried opening Google Play through Firefox on an Android device. Initially many thought that this is Google’s response to Mozilla dropping it as the default search engine on Firefox but that’s not the case. Google […]

Google Trying To Steal Firefox Users Away From Yahoo

Google is without a doubt the most popular and most widely used search engine in the world but this doesn’t mean that the company can rest on its laurels. Far from it. It has to respond to moves by its competitors. Yahoo recently scored a win when it convinced Mozilla to use its search engine as the default in Firefox, replacing Google in the process. Now Google is going after users […]

Firefox Hello Paves The Way For Simple Video Communication

Firefox breaks new ground with their new video chat feature that is simply known as “Hello”. How apt, really, and now that all of the beta testing is done and over with, we will have Firefox Hello appear in the most recent stable Firefox version. Firefox Hello is an updated WebRTC function, and it exists to be an in-browser video chat function that works on the other end, never mind […]

Further Insight Into Yahoo’s Growth In U.S. Search Share

As we reported at the end of last week, Google has lost the biggest amount of its U.S. search share since 2009, and since this happens to be a growing zero sum game, their share of the U.S. search market has dropped by four percentage points to 75.2% as opposed to 79.3% one year ago. The question is, which party in particular benefited from this particular drop? It was none […]


Firefox OS Could Appear On Wearables

Mozilla has intended their Firefox OS to be an operating system which was specially designed around similar technology found in the Firefox web browser, where it is based on open source software. The whole idea is to make it a snap for anyone to come up with third-party apps via web tools such as HTML5. In the first place, Firefox OS was strategically marketed to be an operating system for […]

Mozilla Reportedly Considering Firefox For iOS

For Firefox users who are wondering if the browser is available for iOS devices, a quick search will pull up this answer from Mozilla: “Apple’s restrictions prevent us from bringing the current version of Firefox to iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). We are researching new ways to make Firefox for iOS but there are no definite plans for a release at this time.” Well the good news is that […]

Mozilla’s Firefox 34 Uses Yahoo As Default Search Engine

We did mention about how Mozilla’s Firefox browser was to receive one-click search buttons in the upcoming build, not to forget how Firefox too, would incorporate Yahoo as the default search engine for the browser. Well, all of that waiting has finally paid off, so to speak, with the latest version of Firefox, known as Firefox 34, featuring Yahoo as its default search experience – at least for folks living […]

Mozilla’s Firefox To Get One-Click Search Buttons In Upcoming Build

As some of you guys might have heard, Mozilla recently entered into a partnership with Yahoo in which it will see Yahoo become the new default search engine for the browser. However it seems that Mozilla doesn’t want to cut users off completely from other search engines that they might be more familiar with, such as Google or Bing. This will arrive in the form as shown in the screenshot […]

Yahoo To Become Firefox’s Default Search Engine In New Deal With Mozilla

Using your browser to perform a quick search usually sees Google being used as the default search engine, and why not? After all Google is one of the biggest search engines around at the moment, so it only makes sense to use their services, right? Well there are alternatives, such as Yahoo and Bing, and the good/bad news for Firefox users is that Mozilla has recently announced a partnership with […]

Mozilla Firefox Updated With Improved Privacy Features

Browsing websites for a surprise present for a loved one? An engagement ring? A surprise holiday? Well nothing would suck more than for them to return home, pop on the computer and accidentally pull up your browsing history and find out what you’ve been surfing. Sure you could always clear the history but that just makes it even more suspicious. Well Mozilla has recently announced that they will be adding […]

Google Safebrowsing Cited As Cause For Bitly Blocks

The Internet is a massive digital playground, and as we all know too well, there can be skirmishes on the side from time to time due to different ideologies and upbringing in a physical playground, so that does spill over to the digital world as well. It seems that Bitly claimed that Google Safebrowsing, a service provided by Google to browsers including Firefox and Chrome, was the main cause of […]

Firefox For Android Beta Offers Customizable Web Experience

Firefox for Android Beta has been around for quite some time already, and this time round, Firefox for Android Beta will see the introduction of a powerful set of customization features that will certainly be a boon to users and developers alike. In a nutshell, the new features would remain unique to Firefox for Android Beta, and users would be able to take advantage of additional personalization options as well […]

Internet Explorer Dominates Browser Market Share At 58.38%

While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has always been thought of as a joke, Microsoft has made great strides in the past couple of years to help improve the browser, which by now is a pretty decent piece of software and a viable alternative to those who don’t know or don’t want to download a third-party one, like Chrome or Firefox.

Firefox OS Apps Now Run On Android

While we have heard much about Mozilla’s Firefox OS in recent times, perhaps it is time to shift the attention a wee bit and concentrate the proverbial spotlight on the Android mobile operating system. Thanks to the introduction of Firefox for Android 29, Firefox OS now gains the ability and capability to run on Android devices, and all of this is made possible simply because the apps happen to be […]