ff private browsingLast month Mozilla introduced a new feature to its Firefox browser in the form of anti-tracking private browsing. However the feature was a pre-beta release and was aimed more towards developers rather than end users. The good news is that if the feature caught your attention and you wanted to try it, the latest Firefox beta will let you do so.

Mozilla has announced that in the latest Firefox beta, users will be able to access features like the anti-tracking private browsing mode. For those unfamiliar with the feature, basically this mode prevents websites from tracking your activities, thus ensuring that your browsing sessions are 100% private.

This is done by blocking certain elements on websites that might be used to track you. According to Mozilla, “These third-parties sometimes include page elements that could record your browsing activity to create profiles about you across multiple sites and Private Browsing with Tracking Protection in Firefox Beta blocks some of these page elements.”

Now there are some extensions for other browsers like Chrome that offers up similar functionality, such as Privacy Badger (although it has been known to break some pages), but if you’ve always been a fan of Firefox, then this beta is something you might be interested in taking for a spin.

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