Firefox 41 Features A Built-In Instant Messenger

Mozilla has released Firefox 41 for desktop and Android users, the company says that this is the first web browser that features a built-in instant messenger. It’s called Firefox Hello Beta, Mozilla developed it in partnership with Telefonica, and it lets users send and receive instant messages when they’re in a video call in Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Microsoft Edge Actively Discourages Users From Chrome & Firefox

Microsoft Edge is the new browser that comes bundled with Windows 10. It’s a great browser if you have ever used it. It also shows how far Microsoft has come from their Internet Explorer days. However it seems that Microsoft wants you to love the Edge browser a little too much, as they have been found to actively discourage users from downloading the competition. As you can see in the […]

Firefox For iOS Soft Launched In New Zealand

When it comes to browser choice on mobile, Android seems to have more picks. In fact if anything, Android has the option of using Mozilla’s Firefox. iOS on the other hand did not have access to Firefox, at least until now. Mozilla has recently released the first public preview of Firefox for iOS. Unfortunately Firefox for iOS has only been soft launched in New Zealand. This means that if you’re […]

Firefox Will Soon Be Able To Use Chrome Extensions

The additional features that you can add to Google’s Chrome browser, such as password managers, ad blockers, and so on are called extensions. Mozilla’s Firefox browser calls them add-ons and it is one of the features that made Firefox so popular back in the day due to the amount of customization and features it could potentially bring to the table. That being said, it looks like Mozilla has decided to […]


Mozilla Introduces True Private Browsing Mode In Firefox Pre-Beta

When you browse websites in private/incognito mode, basically what happens is that your computer or your mobile device won’t store the data it obtains while browsing, such as history, login information, and so on. However Mozilla plans on taking things one step further to make browsing on your device a true private browsing experience. As it stands the new features are part of Mozilla’s pre-beta release so if you’re using […]

Firefox Sends Users Away From Bing

At the end of last month, we brought you word on how Mozilla’s CEO was far from happy with the Windows 10 upgrade as he claimed that users of Windows 10 were cajoled to make use of Microsoft’s Edge web browser. Well, it looks like Mozilla has taken steps to “rectify” such a situation, where Firefox 40 on Windows 10 will steer Firefox users away from Bing.

Firefox Version 40 Brings New Windows 10 Features

Firefox version 40 is out today and the biggest change that it brings is much improved compatibility for Windows 10 even though previous versions of this browser work quite nicely with the latest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system. It brings all of the features that users love to Windows 10 as well as a fresh new look and a way for users to preserve their search engine choice. “Thoughtful tweaks” have been […]

EFF Introduces Browser Extension That Blocks Spying Ads

In case you didn’t already know, there are many websites out there that track you and your behavior online. This isn’t so much about spying on you to see if you’re up to no good, but more about collecting data and statistics that can also be used for marketing, like determining what kind of ads that might be of interest to you. Now if you’re not a fan of having […]

Mozilla CEO Not Happy With Windows 10 Upgrade

While many people might be happily making the jump to Windows 10 on their respective notebooks, tablets and desktops, there is at least one person who is fuming about the situation, and that would be Mozilla CEO Chris Beard. Chris Beard published an open letter addressed to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, where he aired his grievances that Microsoft decided to remote “choice and control” from the user, and even admitted […]

Firefox Will Get Audio Indicators To Identify Noisy Tabs

Sometimes much to our annoyance, some websites like to automatically load videos or play music in the background (no, it does not enhance our experience!), and if you’re the type that has multiple tabs open, trying to find that pesky website can be annoying. However Google introduced a feature in Chrome that allowed users to quickly identify websites that are playing audio, and now it looks like the feature is […]

Flash Temporarily Blocked On Firefox Due To Security Concerns

Back in the day, Adobe Flash used to be one of the biggest things on the web. It allowed for interactive menus and videos such as YouTube, but fast forward to today, the Flash tool is now being seen as more of a security risk as opposed to a useful tool, so much so that the folks at Mozilla have decided to temporarily block Flash from running on their Firefox […]

Firefox’s Suggested Tiles Ads Will Be Based On Browsing History

[youtube] If there’s one thing that Google is good at, it is that they can suggest things you might be interested in checking out based on what you have searched for in the past. This has manifested itself in ads and also Android’s Google Now cards that displays news and announcements that Google thinks you might be interested in. Now it seems that Firefox wants a crack at that market […]

How To Resume Chrome Downloads (Using Firefox)

The biggest drawback of Chrome when competing against other Web Browsers is you cannot continue a failed download from the point it failed, instead you have to restart. This might not be an issue if it was just a tiny file or a temporary download URL, but what if you were downloading a file that is in GBs and it was 70%+ completed? Do you really want to start from […]

Google & Mozilla Ban Digital Certificates Issued By China’s CNNIC

It is no secret that there are plenty of software and internet services from the West that are banned in China, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and more, just to name a few. However it looks like the tables could be turned as Google and Mozilla have announced (via VentureBeat) that they will be banning digital certificates issued by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in both Chrome […]