gow-ascension-updateWell, we did bring you news on God of War: Ascension sometime last week, and here we are with yet more news that has to do with this best selling title. In fact, there is a legion of champions out there, who have spent plenty of time recently to help out Kratos in his latest single-player journey. With the release of the latest 1.03 update that has been deployed today, it would hopefully help you enjoy the title even more. Do not judge an update by its size – it might be small here, but at least you will be able to gain an added support line at the Trial of Archimedes, in addition to enhancements made to multiplayer customization with a new appearance feature for your Champion, where the development team has called them “Marks”.

The 1.03 update would see the end of each elevator stage have players pick up a measured amount of green health orbs, in addition to a nominal amount of blue magic orbs. It does not matter just which difficulty level did you select to complete it, all are affected, and hopefully in the course of doing so, will address feedback concerning “Trial of Archimedes” while ensuring the level of challenge is preserved.

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