Articles about firmware (page 2)

Olympus has new OM-D E-M5 firmware
Canon EOS 7D gets new firmware update
Sony Xperia S receives new firmware update
Nokia Lumia 800 firmware seemingly does wonders
HP LaserJet printers are open to hacker attacks according to researchers [Updated]
Intel SSD 320 firmware update to fix bugs
Dell Venue Pro firmware update delayed for T-Mobile customers
HTC Mozart set to receive mysterious firmware update
Upcoming 3DS firmware update glitches Ridge Racer 3D
Microsoft clarifies the Xbox 360 replacement plan
2009 Mac Pros get new lease of life with firmware hack
3DS firmware update details leaked
Dell Venue Pro firmware update arriving this May 18th
Samsung NX100 and NX10 cameras get firmware upgrade
PlayStation 3 version 3.6 firmware jailbroken
First Nintendo 3DS firmware update includes a 3D music video
Parrot AR Drone Update Issue With Firmware 1.1.3
Custom firmware hacked into the iPod nano
Toshiba Folio 100 tablet gets important firmware update to improve performance
Samsung Galaxy Tab firmware update touts ‘unhackable’ status