Pebble 1.9.1 Firmware Update Announced

The Pebble smartwatch can be said to be a labor of love, although waiting for the watch to come into existence is not exactly the best thing to do so far, as history has indicated, where the entire process proved to be excruciatingly slow. Well, after waiting for so long, only to pick up a Pebble watch, it would not be surprising to hear that a handful of Pebble owners […]

MacBook EFI Updates Bids Adieu To Battery Issues

Apple has released a bunch of firmware updates in order to fix a rare issue which plagued systems which rely on excessively used batteries, where it involved the affected device to be unable to boot up. This bunch of EFI firmware updates should bring an end to systems affected that will sometimes see the unexpected shut down or having the machine simply freeze. Apple has long determined battery health via […]

Galaxy S3 Software Update Fixes Exynos 4 Vulnerability

It was just yesterday when Samsung made available a new software update known as I9300XXELLA to their flagship Galaxy S3, and it has been confirmed by those who have already installed this particular update that it will be able to remedy whatever issues and vulnerabilities that the Exynos 4 was exposed to earlier. The security flaw that was located in the kernel that made the device R/W by all users, […]

Wii U Firmware Update Arrives Again

The Nintendo Wii U has just been on the receiving end of a new firmware update, and owners are being asked to perform that particular download in order to achieve the best possible user experience. All owners of the new Nintendo Wii U are being asked to download this particular update, and apart from that, there is also a spanking new Nintendo 3DS firmware update that is in the pipeline […]


Sony NEX-7 firmware update released

If you happen to be a proud owner of a Sony αNEX -7 digital camera, then you might be smiling from ear to ear upon hearing this bit of news – there is a new firmware update released for the device, in addition to firmware updates for E-mount lenses as well as select Sony Alpha cameras. The αNEX-7 Firmware v1.01 will let you disable the Movie Record button which is […]

Canon EOS-1D X DSLR gets new firmware update

Canon has just announced that they will be introducing a new firmware update for their flagship EOS-1D X Digital SLR camera. With the latest firmware update, the EOS-1D X will be able to handle AF point illumination during AI Servo AF and cross-type AF for maximum apertures which are as small as f/8. Not only that, to sweeten the deal, this new firmware update can be downloaded for free over […]

Olympus has new OM-D E-M5 firmware

Olympus has just announced that they will be offering new firmware for the OM-D E-M5, and with each new firmware update, you can more or less be sure that there will be improvements made to the hardware in terms of performance and stability. Some of the improvements include an improved sleep recovery operation, AF target indication when using C-AF+TR while shooting sequential images using Sequential L setting, added function that […]

Canon EOS 7D gets new firmware update

Canon has just announced that they have introduced a spanking new firmware update for their Canon EOS 7D DSLR, where it will introduce new functionality that helps improve the EOS 7D’s performance for serious photographers and semi-professional users. This will be a free update, so fret not about forking out more money for your new hobby. Some of the improvements include an increase in the maximum number of burst images […]

Sony Xperia S receives new firmware update

Not everyone who owns the Sony Xperia S will be on the receiving end of a new firmware update, but there are reports trickling in that a select group of you out there have already started to obtain updates to firmware version 6.0.A.3.75 on your respective smartphones, while some others do carry version 6.0.A.3.76 with them. It is interesting to note that both firmware builds do not seem to come […]

Nokia Lumia 800 firmware seemingly does wonders

The Nokia Lumia 800 is no longer the premier Windows Phone handset from the Finnish manufacturer, but that does not mean it has been relegated to the dumps. No sir, Nokia still has plenty of plans for the Lumia 800 down the road, and one of them will include the Nokia Lumia 800 PR1.2 firmware update that is said to be in the pipeline, being prepared for a general release […]

HP LaserJet printers are open to hacker attacks according to researchers [Updated]

So as far as the general public is concerned, our printers pretty much do one thing which is to print our documents, so it would never really occur to the layman that hackers could actually hack into our printers for malicious purposes, at least until now thanks to a group of researchers at Columbia University who discovered that a security flaw that affected printers.

Intel SSD 320 firmware update to fix bugs

Intel issued a statement that they will be introducing a spanking new firmware upgrade in a fortnight’s time that will kiss goodbye to the bug that had caused its SSD 320 solid state drives to fail. Better late than never goes the old proverb, but we would have liked to see a far faster response after months of criticism that were sent towards Intel’s way.

Dell Venue Pro firmware update delayed for T-Mobile customers

The long awaited Dell Venue Pro update that was said to be released today will unfortunately be delayed for T-Mobile customers. According to a tweet from Lionel Menchaca from Dell, the update that is said to fix the WiFi lock-up issues that the Windows Phone 7-running Dell Venue Pro device is having right now. Here’s what his tweet said:Sorry, but the #dellvenuepro firmware update for T-Mo customers in the United […]

HTC Mozart set to receive mysterious firmware update

The Windows Phone 7-powered HTC Mozart might be on track to receive a mysterious firmware update, according to the screenshot that you see above which we snagged from WMPoweruser. No idea on what the code brings to the phone though, and one can only make the assumption that non-carrier-branded models will be the first to get it – although a little bit of confirmation would be nice. The screenshot above […]