FUEL-9000_left-450x450For the most part, a lot of smartphones out there today will probably give you a full day’s worth of use before running out of battery, maybe even two days for the extra frugal users, but for the heavy users, if you’re constantly running out of juice before the afternoon is out, Patriot has unveiled their Fuel+ series of mobile chargers which will allow you to charge your mobile device on the go. If you’re wondering why the name sounds familiar, it’s because it is the same Patriot who makes high-performance memory chips, so that should say something about them.


Either way Patriot’s Fuel+ mobile chargers come in seven different flavors, with the main differences being in how much battery life each charger will be able to pack. It ranges from 1,500mAh for the Fuel+ charger designed only for iOS devices, to up to 9,000mAh chargers which should be able to give most devices several charges and then some. No word on pricing but all models are expected to be made available mid-June.

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