Hydrogen to power cars of the futureHydrogen-powered vehicles haven’t exactly been successful due to the highly volatile nature of hydrogen – it is extremely difficult to store. At the moment, storing hydrogen requires high-pressure cylinders that are up to 700 times the atmospheric pressure, or super cooled to a liquid at -423 degrees F. A solution was previously presented to solve this problem – Hydrides, but it wasn’t very successful because it would take hours for it to heat up to become useful again. Not very practical at all. However, some scientists seem to have come up with a solution to the problem. Called Nanobeads, these beads are made from Hydrides attached to nanoscale polymer fibers that can almost instantly release the hydrogen upon heating. In addition to being easily combustible, it is easier to fill a car with, due to its tiny nature it can be poured out like liquid. If nanobeads prove to be affordable and safe enough for general consumption, we might see a future with hydrogen-powered cars. What energy source do you think will power the cars of the future – hydrogen or electricity?

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