If comfort is at the top of your list, then we would strongly recommend that you cross off the subwoofer chair by Greg Ball, as this is meant more to kick ass aurally as well as visually instead of letting you sink in, hugging your back to soothe away the day’s stress. This chair can be said to be a spiritual successor of its precedessor, thanks to the egging on of his students at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Alberta.


Greg drew his inspiration of the subwoofer chair by tapping into the behaviours of teenagers, where the chair was originally designed based on the tendencies of youth who love playing video games and music at levels that are far louder than normal. Currently in the prototype phase, the updated design of the Subwoofer Chair sports a couple of 16″ subwoofers that are right smack in the chair’s structure that will emit a strong, thundering bass tone.

Not only that, it can hook up to other compatible audio playback devices such as an iPod, an MP3 player or even a console – delivering quite the aural punch right in the comfort of your living room. Some cushions would definitely be required if you are going to get comfortable sitting on this puppy in the long run.

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