Binary Chair 02 by BRC Designs


When we published about the Binary Low Table, we wished to see a similar design applied to a sofa – although we thought that our rear end would probably not be too appreciative of that “effort” – it looks like BRC designs has fulfilled our wish and the result looks comfortable enough…

The Binary Chairs would be perfect for the geeks who want to feel like they are living in the inside of a computer… or for the hipsters who dig the electronics aesthetic and find it trendy. I can really picture the folks over at iFixit having this kind of furniture in their office.

With all these electronic components it would be so cool to actually have the chair connect to other devices or robots, if you happen to buy one and if you feel like a hacker, go to Hackable Devices, buy hardware and make this piece of art do fun activities like activating your coffee machine, turning the lights on or remote controlling your PSP, Xbox, TV and more! (Please note, those examples are generic, I have not checked what you really can do, it is up to your talent)

I have preference for the Binary Chair BNR011000110110100001100001011010010111001001-00110010 – wow! even Samsung cannot compete here, in the “impossible to remember product name” category – for our convenience, BRC Designs nicknamed it Binary Chair 02 (picture above).

See in the picture below the BNR011000110110100001100001011010010111001001-00110001 aka Binary Chair 01.


Binary Chair 01

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