Microsoft logoWith the advent of technology, do you think we are getting lazier and lazier by the day? I guess so, with the remote control being the start of downhill for many of us, and marking the humble beginnings of that paunch around the waist. Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision concept is certainly an interesting take, and while you will not experience any Jetsons’ like lifestyle, it will still offer something that is very, very different from what we’re used to today. For instance, most of your interactions are mobile in a virtual manner.

Imagine your car windows sporting agenda overlay (one thing’s for sure, with all of that convenience that you would have expected to see more free time to spend with your family and close ones, it seems that you end up being even busier than usual), or a transparent refrigerator door that can display meta data – all of those are part of Microsoft’s plan to take over the world assuming Windows Phone fails. OK, I’m joking about the last bit, but do you think that Microsoft’s vision of the future is on the right track?

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