Panasonic LED bulbs vs regular incandescent bulbsPanasonic has just unveiled a new type of light bulb made using LEDs instead of the traditional filaments found in today’s light bulbs. The new bulbs, named “Everleds”, can give the same lighting effect that has been difficult to reproduce with LED lamps until now. These LED lights come in two colors (daylight and incandescent) and can be easily controlled to give a different effect such as “relaxation mode”, “study mode”, “theatre mode” and “normal mode”. The bulbs also have an “Evo Navi” function that automatically lowers or increases the light output depending on the brightness of the room.

What’s so great about LED, you might ask? Well, LEDs are more energy efficient and burn very cool – regular light bulbs emit about 98% of their energy as heat, which means a lot of energy is wasted. LED lights last much longer than regular light bulbs and are extremely durable – they have no fragile parts and are resistant to heat, cold and shock.

When Panasonic’s LED light bulbs hit the market, expect other companies to follow suit and release LED light bulbs of their own – the more eco-friendly light sources are probably going to be in all our lamps of the future. It’s time to say goodbye to our regular incandescent light bulbs.

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