Project Flake

Looking for a fresh take on how cars work? Da Feng’s latest concept design, Project Flake, might be right up your alley. The UK-based designer has recently come up with a concept video showing off what his car is all about and we gotta say, it sure is creative, not to mention pretty original. Inspired by the Pixar hit animated film in 2008, Cars, Da Feng wondered if it was possible to create a flexible car.

He came up with a car that was made up of segments or “flakes” that would move and shift around the car, changing its shape to affect its movement speed, cornering and so on. This will allow the car to perform better when it is moving at high speeds on difficult courses. Words probably won’t do this car enough justice, so watch the video demonstration from Da Feng to fully understand the concept of the “flake” car, not to mention drool over the impressive visuals and design. Would you drive a car like Project Flow if it ever goes on sale?

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