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Galaxy Note 7 Specifications 'Confirmed'
Yesterday we brought you news that it now seems quite plausible for Samsung’s next phablet to be called Galaxy Note 7 instead of the Galaxy Note 6 as many would have expected. More information about the upcoming handset has now surfaced online. The Galaxy Note 7 specifications have been “confirmed” by the infamous leakster who first posted the legit-looking logo that suggests Samsung is going to call its next flagship […]

Next Galaxy Note Could Be Revealed August 2
If there is one rumor regarding Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy Note that is persisting, it would be its launch date, which last we heard has been set for August. Prior to this, Samsung has typically favored IFA to make their announcements, but for some reason this year we are hearing that an August launch is in the cards.

Galaxy Note 7 Teaser Hints At Curved Edge Display
There are lots of rumors floating around these days about the next flagship handset from Samsung. Some believe it will be called the Galaxy Note 6 while others are of the view that Samsung will skip a number and call it Galaxy Note 7 instead.The name is beside the point, though, rumor has it that the upcoming flagship could have a curved edge display, and an alleged teaser which has […]

Alleged Teaser Hints At Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Moniker
Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5, which means that by right this year we should expect the Galaxy Note 6, although recent rumors have suggested that Samsung could be thinking of calling it the Galaxy Note 7 instead. Now according to a report from SamMobile, that could be the case.


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Launch Expected By Early August
These days we are hearing all sorts of reports and rumors about the Galaxy Note 6, that’s because it’s the only Samsung flagship left for 2016. Samsung is yet to confirm when the handset is going to be launched, but word on the street is that the launch is going to take place “almost exactly” two months from now, which means the Galaxy Note 6 is likely to be unveiled […]

Samsung Trademarks Moniker For Iris Scanning Technology In The U.S.
It has been rumored multiple times over the past couple of years that Samsung is going to introduce a flagship smartphone that features iris scanning technology. We’ve been hearing similar rumors this year as the company’s next Galaxy Note flagship is expected to finally bring this technology to the mainstream. Samsung has started filing trademark applications for the monikers “Galaxy Iris” and “Galaxy Eyeprint,” hinting that it really does intend […]

Galaxy Note 7 Edge Model Hinted At By Import Listing
Samsung’s done with its first flagship launch of the year and in a couple of months, it’s going to launch its second flagship. The Galaxy Note 6 is due to arrive this August and it’s likely that this time around the company might also launch an “Edge” model of this flagship. Recent rumors suggest that Samsung might actually call its next flagship the Galaxy Note 7 instead of the Galaxy […]

Samsung's Next Flagship Might Actually Be Called Galaxy Note 7
Samsung launched the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge earlier this year. Both flagship smartphones have done very well in the market and now fans are looking forward to the company’s next big flagship release. The Galaxy Note 6 is expected to arrive in a couple of months but a new report from Korea suggests that Samsung could skip Galaxy Note 6 and go straight to the Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note 6 Could Feature 6GB Of RAM, Iris Scanner
The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be Samsung’s next flagship handset and we expect that it will pack nothing but the latest and best hardware. It is easy to assume that based on the trends that Samsung will probably include a fingerprint sensor which is more or less the norm these days, or are they?

Galaxy Note 6 Firmware Now Being Developed
Samsung is due to launch its next flagship phablet in a couple of months so we’ve started to hear rumors and reports about the Galaxy Note 6 quite frequently now. The latest report says that Samsung has now started firmware development for the Galaxy Note 6, this is usually an indication that the product has entered the final stages of its production process.

Galaxy Note 6 Rumored For Mid-August Release
The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is Samsung’s next flagship smartphone. Last we heard, the handset was pegged for a launch in July instead of IFA which has typically been the case in the past few years. Now according to the latest rumors, it seems that maybe the July launch might be true after all.

Galaxy Note 6 ‘Lite’ Rumored To Be A Possible Variant
With Samsung seeing success from their Galaxy Note series in the past few years, there’s a very slim chance that the company will be passing on the opportunity to launch the Galaxy Note 6 later this year. However it turns out that the Galaxy Note 6 won’t be the only handset from Samsung, and that there could be a “Lite” version in the works as well.

Galaxy Note 6 Rumored To Sport USB Type-C Connectivity
The USB Type-C standard was introduced not too long ago and we had to wonder when more smartphone OEMs would hop on board with the idea. So far there are only a handful of smartphones that support the standard, and understandably so especially when you consider compatible accessories, computers, cables, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Could Sport 5.8-inch Curved Display
Ever since Samsung introduced curved displays with the Galaxy Note Edge, the company’s subsequent handsets have been released sporting similar setups. Last year when the company launched the Galaxy Note 5, they also launched the Galaxy S6 Edge+ which was more or less a curved variant (minus the S Pen functionality).

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumored To Pack Snapdragon 823
With the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung decided to equip their new flagships with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipsets. With the Snapdragon 820 being the top of the line chipset from Qualcomm right now, it is presumed that the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 will pack similar-ish hardware.

Galaxy Note 6 Release Rumored For July
A new rumor out of Korea claims that Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Note 6 early this year. The phablet is usually unveiled at IFA in the fall and released a few weeks later. Today’s rumor suggests that the handset will be unveiled over the summer and will be released in July. It also claims that the Galaxy Note 6 is going to come with Android N straight […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Rumored To Sport 6GB Of RAM
Right now finding smartphones with 4GB of RAM is relatively common. However the question is, do we even need that much RAM? Some have argued that maybe we are going a bit overboard in our quest to cram as much tech into as small a device as possible, and if you are of that camp, you probably won’t like what you’re about to hear next.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Will Arrive In The UK, S7 Edge+ Won’t [Rumor]
Last year when Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5, for some reason the company decided not to launch it in the European market, leading to customers launching a petition to bring it in. That being said, this year’s rumors are suggesting something very different. According to reports from TechRadar and Forbes, they have heard that for 2016, Samsung will be bringing the Galaxy Note 6 to the UK (and presumably […]

Samsung Patent Hints At Potential Note 6 Capabilities
Come 2016 there is a very real chance that Samsung will churn out the successor to the Galaxy Note 5 in the form of the Galaxy Note 6. Now we’re not sure what we can expect from the device since it’s really anyone’s guess at the moment, but thanks to a recently discovered patent by Patently Mobile, a potential feature has been revealed.As you can see in the patent’s diagram […]