Nexus-6P-white-05The USB Type-C standard was introduced not too long ago and we had to wonder when more smartphone OEMs would hop on board with the idea. So far there are only a handful of smartphones that support the standard, and understandably so especially when you consider compatible accessories, computers, cables, and more.

That being said, we suppose it is only a matter of time before every hops onboard, and it looks like Samsung could be doing just that. According to a report from SamMobile, they have learnt from their sources that the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 could sport a USB Type-C connection. This would make it the first Samsung device to support it.

Ever since USB Type-C was announced, many had speculated that Samsung would adopt the standard, but so far every model has proven itself otherwise, so maybe the Galaxy Note 6 could be it. Interestingly enough this raises an important question: what about the Gear VR? Right now it relies on a micro USB connection, so could USB Type-C on the Note 6 mean a new Gear VR headset?

Last we heard back in August 2015, Samsung did state that they had a new Gear VR headset in the works so maybe that could be possible. The Galaxy Note 6 should be announced in the later part of the year around IFA, so do check back with us in the coming months for the details.

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