Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-01Last year when Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5, for some reason the company decided not to launch it in the European market, leading to customers launching a petition to bring it in. That being said, this year’s rumors are suggesting something very different. According to reports from TechRadar and Forbes, they have heard that for 2016, Samsung will be bringing the Galaxy Note 6 to the UK (and presumably the rest of central Europe).

However what they won’t be bringing is the Galaxy S7 Edge+, which is expected to launch alongside the Galaxy Note 6. According to their source, “Samsung isn’t going to launch the S7 Edge+ in the UK. I got the impression that it had been a bit of a disappointment sales-wise and that the decision to keep the Note 5 out of Europe is now considered a mistake. So our information is that the Note 6 will launch in the UK in August and that there will be no S7 Edge+.”

Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5 and the S6 Edge+ in the later part of the year. The former skipped Europe and was replaced with the S6 Edge+, but based on their source, it seems that  the latter did not do very well, which is why Samsung could be employing this new strategy for this year.

Of course we should also point out that last month, there were rumors that the Galaxy S7 Edge+ had been cancelled. We weren’t sure if this meant that there wasn’t going to be an announcement of the phone in February, or if the phone had been cancelled outright. Since all of this are just rumors, it’s a bit hard to tell. Take it with a grain of salt, but for our readers in Europe, which model would you prefer? The Note 6 or the S7 Edge+?

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